my one true love


3. chapter 3

Sophie's POV

I sit and stare at Hannah as I wait for my phone to beep. After a what feels like forever my phone beeps and I look down at it.

Hannah: well Sophie I love. I have always loved you. Whenever I'm around you I feel sick to my stomach. You just so beautiful.

I start to cry and type back

"Hannah, I'm sorry I lied about the family problems. Tbh I really called Tyler over to help me with this. You see I feel the same way, I think I just really am confused because last I checked I was straight. 😞

I waited as I watched Hannah read my text with her face dimming down then lighting up then dimming down again. I feel really bad for having to send. My phone beeps I look at it.

Hannah: oh I see call me when you know. 😞👍

Ok now I feel even worse. As Hannah got up and started to leave I got up after her

"Wait, Hannah, why don't we just try. Cause I honestly really do feel the same, I'm just unsure about my sexuality right now."

Hannah's face light up again. She turned around.

"Really, Sophie, we can" she said happily

"Yup" I said with a huge smile and a great feeling of relief and happiness. Hannah came running up can hugged me very tightly for a good minute. Shen then turned around, said goodbye, and left. After about an hour Tyler finally showed up.

"Where the hell have you been" I scream as Tyler walks in

"Well Queen that's one way to greet your peasant, sorry traffic. There was like four Wreaks in a row"

"Oh ok. well we need to talk about you know what"

"Oh yeah. I get it it takes time trust me"

"Yeah but there is also one small problem" I hesitate

"Yessss" Tyler says wanting more

"Well you see Hannah loves me and I think I have feelings for her too but I'm straight, last I checked, and this is all confusing"

"Well you should never label yourself. Just go with your gut suger cube. who care what you are as long as you are you"

"Thanks Tyler. that's something to think about. What to stay over and watch a movie?"

"Sure, what movie"


"Yasss. I'll go get the wine"

"Ok" I respond as I turn on my flatscreen tv and sit on my really comfortable brown couch. A few minutes latter Tyler comes walking out of the kitchen with wine and popcorn.

Tyler's POV

I don't really pay attention to the movie. I spend my time just thinking about what I had just told Sophie. After the movie I finally concluded that I could have really used that advice many years ago. That thought made me feel old. I shivered at my age and shook off the thoughts. After the movie I look over to Sophie who is sleeping so I sneak off to her guest bedroom and slowly drift off to sleep.

Hannah's POV

I wake up the next day wishing I never did what I had did last night. Urg I hate myself. I walked into my kitchen and make a pot of coffee. As I sip at my worm cup of joe I remember that Sophie said she is willing to try us out. A sense of relief filled my body

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