Gwens death

Ok so when I was watching the amazing spider man two about a year ago and when I watched when Gwen was falling and I was like Nooooooo Gwen don't die and when she hit her head and died I was like are you freakin kidding me and so I'm just going to write another fanfic of gwens death please don't judge me on my book thanks


1. This is what happened to Gwen

when she was standing on the cogs in the clock tower Peter and Harry were fighting while they were fighting Gwen was trying to find safe place well when Harrys glider broke the cogs and when Gwen was falling Peter handed Gwen a web and she was holding on to it after when she was holding on to it Harry jumped on Peter and he was still trying to hold Gwen but when the time slipped Gwen was falling and falling and falling she hit her head while Peter catched her with her web and that's what happens to Gwen. I hope you guys loved it please don't judge me on my book this time thanks :) 

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