Newborn Absolute

Emilien Wolf is the daughter of the Beta of the Shaden Moon Pack the strongest pack in the world. When Emilien turns 17 she is dragged into the role of the Luna and the mate to the Alpha's son Dylan Lukes.


1. Meet Emilien Wolf



Hi I'm Emilien Wolf Daughter of the Beta and female beta of the Shaden moon Pack. We are the strongest pack on earth. The Alpha and Luna have three kids Dylan Lukes,17, future Alpha, Chloe Lukes, Bestfriend,16, Tracker, and Calvin Lukes, 12, Babysiter. My parents are Best friends with the Alpha and Luna it hard to deal with. 

About me 

I'm 16, My wolf her name is Valentine she is pure white wolf. There has never been a white wolf since a million years ago  I have a small group of friends but I don't care they are very weird and funny. I am always being bubbly and outgoing one of the things I love to be. My wolf is very childish and bubbly she also loves being in nature. I get that from my mom she loves the nature and loves helping animals. I also have my dad's temper its funny cause I have this thing that I get mad about little things. Everyone in the pack likes me not that way I always make people laugh and happy. Its pretty funny when I'm hyper cause I tend to talk randomness witch everyone in the pack finds funny. I am not aloud to be near fire when I'm hyper I have almost fell into it four times. 


Mates: A person your stuck with for the rest of your life... 






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