There's A girl I know

It's a poem I guess or maybe a song. It's your choice...


1. There's A girl I know

There's a girl I know.

She's beautiful from head to toe.

She smiles and laughs all the time.

Boys are always chasing her everywhere.

They can't help but to stare.

She's smart and fair.

She also cared.

But at home, she was different.

She cried herself to sleep every night.

She also grabs the knife.

There's a girl I know.

Scars decorated her wrists that she couldn't help hide and show.

But everyone missed it except for me.

Or at least I think...

I've seen this before.

They ignored cutting and soars.

They didn't want her anymore.

But I stood up and asked her why.

She said," it's how I control the pain inside."

I started to cry," I know I barely know you. But you deserve better. They left you because they didn't want to see some one any deader. I see the light within your eye which is the color of the bright blue sky. You were born here for a reason. God made beautiful as the Winter season. How do mom and dad feel seeing you like this? You're their baby girl and you're throwing yourself into an abyss? Please do it for them. Or at least do it for me. I can't sit back while you hurting herself, don't you see? You're also a human being."

She actually smiled and laugh. Maybe she won't end up in a blood bath.

There's a girl I know.

She's better than the days before.

Now I believe she won't die or comet suicide.

At the moment, we were at school talking about how she was still cool.

But then someone said," whatever. What about you come back never."

She ran out the room not looking back.

She called me later and said that she was ok.

She might be gone for a couple of days.

There was a girl I knew.

Her death date was last dued.

She lied to me and wrapped that rope around her neck.

But she didn't even look like a wreck.

She looked like an angel as she just dangled.

She left a note on a table.

It was for me to read if I was able.

" I'm sorry, but it was my time to pass. 12:00 is when I breathe my breath that was my last. We were talking on the phone near this time. When you pushed end, my life stopped. You were my bestest friend. You were there for me until the end. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth. But I knew you wouldn't let this go through. Don't cry because we're born to die. Goodbye."

I dropped note as I began to sobbed on which I choked. At least she wrote...

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