Intelligent Disease

Isaac, a normal boy, somehow ends up dying.
An intelligent disease has gotten into him, and is trying to drive him insane.
How do he get out of this weird dream?


1. Getting dark

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Normally, it would not be a problem. This time, however, it was.


It felt like flying. Not the “bumping airplane” kind of flying, but like gliding, dream-like flying. It was a pleasant feeling, although he knew they would catch him. He ran through the streets of the city that he knew so well. He ran as fast as he could, but he had never been good at running. He could hear the police car’s siren; they could only be two or three streets away.

He jumped over a small fence, right into a beautiful patch of flowers. The streetlight lit up the place, but only a little bit. The house standing in front of him was quite big with windows all over the outer wall. Then he recognized it. It was the house he had least wanted to end up by. His big sister´s house.

Great. He moved to the other side of the garden, unseen, and found a bush he could hide in. The police car passed by and he got up. When he was out on the street again, he heard the front door open and turned around, looking at the girl standing in the door. Her dark brown hair was done up in a tight knot and her green-blue eyes were piercing him, glaring. Luciana Jones, his sister. He and his sister had never been good friends. They practically hated each other. Normal siblings would say so too, but when he or his sister said so, they meant it. “Isaac” She called out, but he just turned around and ran. He always ran. Ran from school when his teachers were mad at him. He ran from home when his dad were mad at him. Everyone was mad at him. However, he did not care. “That is how teenagers are” was the only thing his mother could say, and that he just ignored too. His sister called his name again; it was more like an angry scream though.

This time he ran without thinking, which was stupid, because he ran right into the cops. Oops.

“STOP! POLICE!” They got at him and threw him against a wall. The pain was immediate, but he knew he couldn't fight them or run. He knew they would catch him somehow. “I am hereby arresting you as a suspected culprit of a crime. You w-” Then it all died out. The sound of the police officer’s voice, the sound of the siren, everything just went quiet. He could not hear anything, he could not see, nor smell anything.



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