Adopted by 5sos

Meet 16 year old Georgia greendale. Sadly, she's been living in an orphanage since she was born. She's lost all hope in finding a new family, but one day four guys come to the orphanage and everything changes.


12. nine

I moan as the alarm clock goes off in my ear.

"Ugh" I moan

"Georgia, it's time to wake up" someone says softly.

I frown and turn to see Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum all looking at me.

"I don't wanna" I say

"To bad" Calum laughs

"Now get up before we through water at you" Luke laughs

"I'm up! I'm up" I says as I jump out the bed.

They all laugh as I walk to my closet.

"What's my new last name?" I ask

"Hemmings" they all answered.


"Georgia Hemmings?" I test "I like it"

They all smile as I shove them out my room.

Now to get ready.


I walk downstairs.

I'm wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a white crop top and white converses.

"What's for breakfast?" I ask

"Hmm, sausage roll from the petrol station?" Calum says

"Yum" I say, rubbing my belly.

"Let's go" Ashton says.

We all nod and get into the car.

We drive down to the petrol station and I jump out with $15.

I walk in and pick up 5 sausage rolls, before paying and leaving.

I get in the car and pass everybody their breakfast.

"Are you excited for school?" Michael asks

"I guess" I shrug "I've always been really good at school"

"Is their anything else your good at?" Calum asks

"I've been told that I'm a good skater, I would really like to take up artistic roller skating" I say

"Roller skating on Saturday it is" Ashton smiles

I laugh a little and look down.

Ashton hasn't been all that awkward towards me, which is good.

I really liked that kiss he gave me and I want more.

But I think Ashton's holding himself back.

I sigh and take out a bite of my sausage roll.

"Here's to new beginnings" I sigh to myself.

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