Pass It On. Courage, Love, and Positivity.

Just a place to pass around encouragement. I will post things about my life and you can post things about your lives in the comments. I will write chapters giving you encouragement and advice, but also maybe ask for a little in return. Thank you so, so much. I hope that any advice I can give you will help you out.


1. Explain it...Again.

So, Even though I explained it in the blurb a bit I will tell you about this. Also, I will state the rules. (There isn't that many.)

This movella is to give courage and encouragement to others in need. Comment things that you need advice and encouragement on. Also, comment if you just need someone to talk to. I am always here, even over the web. I might post things I need advice on every once and a while, but this is mostly for my advice and encouragement to you. Also, if you want to help people and give them advice, please reply to their comments. They might want another opinion or more reassurance. Now, onto the rules.

1.) Please be positive and kind. I want people here to feel welcome and safe.

2.) Also, if you are talking about someone, don't use their names.

3.) Please, also try to not say mean things about people you write about. If you are telling what they said about you or did to you, that's okay, but please don't call them names or insult them. This is to make sure we aren't hurting anyones feelings.

4.) If you think it shouldn't be posted, try re-wording it. If that doesn't work, we can make a private group so you can privately talk to me about your need of advice. That way it stays between us. 

5.) Know that I am always there for you! (It's not a rule, I am just making sure you know!)

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