The Auction Sequel


2. Harry


I'm craving her. She's my weakness. Every inch of my body is consumed with the thought of her, I need her in my life. If not as a lover, then at least as my friend. Hell, I don't even need her close to me, I'd be satisfied enough if I could just watch her from a distance. This pain is consuming me. It's tearing me apart. I miss her like crazy, it's been months, yet my body still craves her touch, her lips, her. The pain that I'm having to endure is indescribable, nobody could ever begin to imagine what it's doing to me, her absence.

I've not seen her beautiful body in so long. Her gorgeous brunette hair, the way she curled it slightly on the tips. Her bright, vivacious blue eyes- my mind will never cease to remember her eyes, as she gazed up at me through her long eyelashes. Her untouchable body, never have my eyes ever been graced with another woman's body that comes remotely close to hers. Her skin, oh so soft, the way it glided across mine whenever we made physical contact. Her voice, her laugh, so many traits that I craved. Lust bubbled inside of me, coursing through my veins, the epicenter deep in the pits of my stomach. I needed her then, and I still continue to do so now. Oh, my Lily.

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