Adventure of Above

Meet Shiny, a blue fish with a dream. Shiny dreams about the upper world, about people, about life. What happens when she finds a magical being that can transport her into the upper world, and into the unknown. . .


1. Shiny.


          My name is Shiny, and I live in the ocean with my brother, Fin, my sister, Bubble, my mother, Tittle, and my father, Shipwreck. My family are Molly's, I'm a blue Molly, my brother is black, my sister is yellow, my mother is red, and my father is orange. We have our home under a big, mossy, gray and black rock where we hunt for tiny shrills and sleep at night. We never go up to the surface of the water, it's too dangerous, at least according to Shipwreck. But I have a dream, a dream that makes all the neighbors and even my own family think I'm crazy. I want to live on land. That's just it. I want to live on land. I know it's crazy. I know I'm a fish. I know fish live in water. But it's just a dream..........

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