The Poetry Diary

I have a love of poetry and tend to write it a lot, so I decided to post the ones which i tend to do daily.


1. 12th May 2015 - Transparent Blood

I am hurt,  
I am burnt.  
Words hurt like knives, 
And knives can take lives.  
The blood seeps out of the breach,  
As if it were a lesson you had to teach.  
So on the words spit out,  
As if we needed water for a drought. 
But this blood I cannot see,  
Yet it is to be.  
For everyone to see,  
This blood is like the sea.  
Salty yet sweet,  
Now this feeling is complete.  
I cannot say I like it,  
But I've learnt to grin and bare it.  
It does indeed hurt,  
I'll stick to being an Introvert.  
Why do I let people in,  
When I feel like cutting skin.  
But the blood is not from a cut,  
From my eyes which are clenched shut.  
It seeps from the break,  
I just hope I'll soon wake. 

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