The Giant yellow Caterpillars

This is a story told from the perspective of animals - with a twist right at the end which I hope you enjoy. It has a bit of an environmental message as the animals are trying to save their sacred tree. I won a prize for this at school so I hope it's OK. Please read it and let me know what you think..


1. The start

~~Chapter 1 The start

I am your average curious and adventurous eleven year old.  I have a sharp pair of canines and some menacing looking claws. Sadly both my parents are dead, my mum from giving birth, my dad in Wood War I. 

I live with my granny in a slightly damp but cozy hole.  It is under a huge, dominating birch tree hidden behind some berry bushes where in the morning the small flying things eat the bright red fruits. If you didn’t catch on already, I am a weasel and my name is Wilfred.

Wood War I was when we fought against the snakes. We were fighting over The Sacred Tree of Oojamaflip. This tree is a very important and religious place for both snakes and weasels. It is also a comfy home for animals and turns a brilliant shade of orange in early spring. It has a strong, thick trunk with branches which spread out for miles. There is a huge clearing around the tree. The tree is also used as a place for Christmas and represents new-life because it is the first tree to sprout after the long, harsh Winter passes. One day the Snakes and Weasels had some religious plans on the same day and the same place so they fought over who would use the Sacred Tree.

My granny has to homeschool me because we live far out in the countryside. I learn the basic skills like How to Hide Amongst Shrubbery and How to Catch Voles but sadly I don’t really have any friends since I live so far away from everyone else. My whole family was against the war so they all fled but my dad was found hunting for food one day and was dragged into the war.

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