True Love Or Fake Love

A new guy just moved into Emma's neighbor hood. Can they become friends? Or will they be something more than that?


1. Why Is He So Distant?

It was a warm afternoon in June. And I was in my backyard laying on the grass enjoying nature. Then all of a sudden I heard my mom yell,"Emma! There's a new neighbor! Go meet 'em!" Then I got off the grass and walked into the house, past the living room,past the kitchen,past the stairs,and in the front yard. (I thought the were going to be out here. Guess I go to them first!) So I walked to their from door and knocked on it. No answer. Then again. Still no answer. I guess they weren't home. But my mom said to greet them. (What do I do?! Okay nevermind Ill just leave and greet them when they're home. So I started walking away when I heard their door open. "Oh,hi you must be the neighbor. You're Emma right?" Said a lady that seems like the age as my mom. "Yes. Its a pleasure to meet you!" I said as I showed a warm smile. "No,the pleasure is all mine! Oh,do you want to meet my son?" She said looking into her house and at me back and forth. "Sure." I said. "Okay. Hey Aaron can you come downstairs and get off your butt and stop playing video games?!!! She said loudly. "Coming!" He said. "Hi,my name is Aaron. Its nice to meet you. He said. "Its nice to meet you too." I said smiling at him. He was a boy with dark purple hair and he looked very geeky. And he is pretty cute! "Hey,maybe she's your type Aaron!" His mom said elbowing him softly while winking at him. "Um..I don't think so." He said. "But you do think she is beautiful,right?" She said smirking. "I can't answer that." He said blushing and looking away. "Well,Ill see you later!" I said waving. "Bye!" they both said waving back at me. The next day my mom kept bothering me about the neighbor and I becoming friends. It really annoyed me so I walked over to his house. "Are you home?" I asked knocking on his door. No answer. Just like yesterday. I wonder why...

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