youtuber school book 1


1. the letter

it was morning time,Ashleigh jumped out of bed and put on: and ran to the mail box.she had been expecting a package.she went outside and saw a package but it was from ''you tuber high'' she went in and opened it,it said:

to pinklpscatty,you are invited to you tuber high immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are 1st on the you tuber chart please come quick thank you

there was a problem it was half way across the world so she decided to do a blog:

hello guys welcome to this video oh my gosh!!!!!!i got to go to you tuber high like right now I'll blog again soon see ya!!

*at the air port* guys I'm gonna have a shopping spree go!!!!!!!


*after getting to London* 

omg im at youtuber high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


hey guys plz tell me who to add in tnx


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