that preety girl(louis)



1. Starbucks visit

Ashleigh's P.O.V


i walked to Starbucks to start my work,once the sign was opened everybody rushed in!!! :) yay!!! my second costumer was really familiar i looked closer and i saw it was Louis from one direction!!!!!!!!


Louis P.O.V

i looked at her and thought in my mind oh she is a pretty young lady....and i said:"i would like 5 chocolate drinks with whipped cream and lots of sprinkles two red,one purple,one orange and one blue.......the names are......"

she said :"Louis,Niall,zayn,harry and Liam.''

i looked at her trying not to open my mouth the food was about one feet tall with each name spelled correctly on each one in nice handwriting,my one had a piece of paper on the drink.when i walked to our table harry looked like he was gonna die.i got my drink and looked at the piece and read it in my heart,hi Louis,would you like to go out?

i wrote on the paper:yes please wanna go to the London eye?

                                                                                                    -Louis *@*


she said''my name is Ashleigh and winked''


hey guys if you would like to be in the story plz give me the folllowing things


guy(except for Louis)

and i might choose you






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