// now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //


10. chapter nine

My feet made sudden impact with concrete ground and my knees gave in beneath me and I almost collapsed, but Devin caught me and pulled me back up.


It felt like I was in a box. It was just a small room made fully of concrete.


"Company," I heard Gerard tell Andrew.


"Why the stabbing? Why the lying? Posing? Faking?" Devin growled, stepping towards them.


I raised my middle finger from behind Devin at the two of them.


Gerard, visibly fuming, pushed passed Devin and grabbed both my shoulders.

Devin tried to grab him, but Andrew grabbed Devin's arms and kept him away.


"Want to test me, kid?" Gerard hissed, shoving my back against the concrete wall.


"Seems like it'd be fun," I challenged.


He took his hand from my left shoulder, but jabbed his thumb into the wound, causing my legs to give out once again. I involuntarily screamed because the pain was so intense. It was a horrid noise, like a shriek and a suffocating noise wrapped into one.

I kicked at Gerard's legs and eventually flung my right fist at his face, barely missing.

He took both my wrists in one hand and put his other hand around my neck, barely pulling me away from the wall.

I couldn't breathe.


"Don't. Test. Me." He snarled, slamming my back against the wall once again, then letting go.


I slid down the wall, coughing, and laid on the ground in defeat.


"How dare you try to face us?" Andrew hissed at Devin.


"You stabbed her!" Devin shouted.


Where was Ash? I was thinking this exact question when she appeared again, colliding her fist with Gerard's face and knocking him down.

She ran to Andrew and free'd Devin's arms, then swiftly kicked Andrew's legs, making him fall.


My back hurt immensely, my shoulder was practically on fire, and everything was blurry.


"Come on," Ash murmured, helping me up off the ground.


Gerards arms were suddenly around my neck from behind, cutting off air again and kicking Ash to the ground. He turned around and slammed me to the ground.


Unable to stand, I looked at Devin, who was fighting Andrew.


Andrew shoved Devin away and ran for Ash, but Devin stuck his leg out and tripped Andrew.


I slowly stood up, but was quick to be brought back down again by Gerard. He pinned me down, his knees jabbing into my sides, repeatedly colliding his fists with my face.


"Just kill her already, dammit!" Andrew shouted.


Gerard stopped. He looked at me for a second, then smirked.


"See you in Hell, kid." Then his hands were around my neck and I couldn't breathe, and I only heard a high-pitched ringing noise, and the edge of my sight was going dark.


I kicked my legs, and slammed my knee against his back, causing him to let go for a second.

I shoved him off, then pinned him.


"See you in Hell." I was about to repeat, but someone else from behind me said it.


Something similar to a metal plate slammed against the side of my face, and I collapsed onto the floor again.


Gerard stood up and connected his foot with my ribs, at least ten times before I started coughing up blood and suffocating on nothing.


Gerard pinned me again, wrapping his hands around my neck.

Ash grabbed his shoulders and tossed him aside, then helped me up.


Gerard came at me, slamming his fist into my face.

I stumbled back and Andrew caught me, then threw me down.


Devin and Ash were trying to fight Gerard and Andrew, but I was their target. I wasn't a very good fighter.

A foot collided with my back, directly between my shoulder blades.

I shrieked, a horrid sound indeed.


Then it was dark.

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