// now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //


5. chapter four

For a whole week, Ricky never woke me up in the mornings. I was started to wonder what happened.

Devin came around. Stayed silent, always stared at the wall with a vacant look in his eyes, but he came around. Always muttered stuff and when I tried to talk he snapped at me. But... He came around. Sort of.


"Devin, you have to talk to me eventually." I stated.


No response.




I reached out to tap his shoulder but felt nothing there.

I blinked and he was gone.


Then I scoffed.


"Hello?" I called. "...Hello?!"


"Would you shut up?" I heard someone scoff. Definitely not Devin.


I whipped my head around and was met with two men. One was tall with short, black hair. The other was a bit shorter with red hair.


"Who are you?" I asked.


"No one of your business. Now, why do you keep calling Devin?" The one with red hair asked.


"Wait, there's more of you?" I asked.


"Answer his question!" The tall one demanded.


"...I don't know. He told me, he was "the only one that cared."" I replied.


"Figures," The one with red hair scoffed. "Always getting attatched to the mental ones-- especially the mortals."


"W--..." I felt my heart shatter. I wasn't the only one. "Get out."




"GET. OUT." I snarled. "OUT."


Then they were gone.


I curled up into a ball in the corner. I hated myself for being so... Jealous. So sensitive. Boy, was he going to get it.

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