Dear Diary...

A diary about me recovering.


1. Dear Diary,

May 8, 2015

Mood: Tired and feeling (emotionally) strong

Dear Diary,

It'll be 7 years on June 6th when the incident happened when I was 8. That life changing incident. That incident caused depression and anxiety and the worst of all... A fear of boys. Why? Well, when I was 8, I was sexually abused by my 11 year old neighbor (he was a boy). And its been 7 YEARS after that incident and I'm done... done with living in pain and fear. So todays the day where I am gonna start recovering. Recovering from PTSD (Pos-traumatic Stress Disorder), severe anxiety and depression, bulimia, and self-harm. Because I am strong and worth it! And so are you! <3

         Love & Hugs,

            Peyton xx :D

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