Matthew's Diary

Another entry for the Flash Fiction Competition. Enjoy!


1. Matthew's Diary


Matthew’s Diary


Saturday 31st January: A strange thing happened today. My phone and wallet have both disappeared. I put them in my pocket and they just vanished.  I suppose this kind of thing happens a lot in crowded streets, especially around these parts. I knew that guy looked a bit shifty. 


Anyway, that wasn’t the worst thing that happened.  I got a call (landline) from my ex. Vanessa left while I was at the police station. Said I was embarrassing to be seen out with. I agree in some respect- generally non-millionaires are looked down on by the  unbelievably rich men that she wants money from, oh I’m sorry, that she’s friends with. Hmm. Yeah, sure. 


At least England won today. Solid performance. 


Sunday 1st February: Spent most of today running around banks, shutting down accounts- my credit cards were in my wallet. 


Now Sturridge is injured again, I reckon we’ll be out by the quarters of the Euros.  Great.


Monday 2nd February: Attended a convention today with Matt. I lost my pass but he bailed me out and I had the papers in my case, anyway. I love meeting all the fans of my art.


I even managed to get a deal for a ongoing series with Mark Millar of all people!


Tuesday 3rd February: I’m in hospital and you won’t be able to guess what happened. 


My left hand is missing. I literally put it in my pocket and it just wasn’t there when I took my hand out. It just started bleeding horribly everywhere. I swear, it’s these new trousers I have. Every time I’ve worn them I’ve lost something; my ticket, my wallet, my mobile, my hand.  


Good news is that it was my left hand; I managed to thumbnail a few pages but my publisher decided to delay the current story and make some fill-in issues while I’m hospitalised. My twitter is stuffed full of sympathetic well-wishers or raging nut-cases who want the story finished: who can blame them? I desperately want it finished too. 


Wednesday 4th February: I’m already out of hospital! That was very quick. Back to normal for me. Need to buy another pair of trousers. The government have my other pair. They “have some suspicions” about my trousers. Of course they do…

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