Summer with you

When emily,Kim and Aaliyah take a summer Holliday to Australia they never know that they would spend the summer this 4 amassing guys name luke,Calum, ashton and michael.

When Luke wants some thing he can't have will he make her change her mined in time for the end of summer or will she leave and move on.


2. meeting Luke

Kim's POV

Where do we get food from I am so hungry I need some pizza night now.

"Ok let's just get are bags then we can"Aaliyah said looking to where the luggage carousel and the people in the airport.

"Ok" Kim and me said at the same time

Stop copping me Emily I said lathing just joking...your such a dick emily said lathing and walking to the luggage carousel and me and Aaliyah following.

I got me bag and so did Aaliyah but emily could not fined hers and she walked up to us and me and Aaliyah tried not to lath at the look on Emily's face.

Emily's POV

I need my bag I need it I need it now i said walking over to Kim and Aaliyah and I see them both trying not to lath guys I can't see my bag it has me cloths And my makeup and I need that stuff to live.

Calm down Emily just look its on the other side of the luggage carousel Aaliyah said and I run up to it but I can't get to the other side so I jump on to the luggage carousel and start to run it is header then you think you know.

I get to my bag and go to pick it up when I bump heads with a cut tall blond haired guy as I look up and see him holding his head.

I'm so sorry I said still walking on the luggage carousel but not going any where

No it was my fault and I'm sorry he said looking me in the eyes it was hard not to get lost in his blue eyes.

Hello...hello...hello he said waving his hand In my face

Oh hey I'm emily and you are....

I'm Luke and emily is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl he said look in my eyes and me just looking back at him

So you may want to get of the luggage carousel people are starting to look at you he said with this amassing Australian accent.

Oh right I said noticing the people looking at me

He held out his hand to help me down I take his hand and get of the luggage carousel

Thank I said looking down

Umm so why was you on the luggage carousel in the firs place

Oh we'll my friends go there bags and I couldn't see mine so I started to panic but then my friend that it was over the über side so I run to the luggage carousel and jump on to it and I run to the other side and umm yeh that is why I was on the luggage carousel.

Oh ok so…......... I know I only meet you but do you want to get some coffee or something he said looking down and playing with his hands.

I would love to just give me a minutes I will go tell me friends.

Ok we'll I have to give this to my grandmother as he picked up a bag and said I will meet you at the front of the airport in 10 ok he said look at me with his amassing eyes that I can't sat no to

"Ok see you in10 I say walking away

Oh nice of you to come over we thought you might of been kidnaped or something Kim said lathing and potting her phone in her pocket so did Aaliyah.

So what toke you so long Aaliyah said look up at me

We'll I meet a boy and we stated to chat and then he asked is I want to go get some coffee or something and I said yes

Omg Emily's got a boy friend Kim and Aaliyah was singing till I pot my hand over there moths

Sit up he's not my boy friend I said in a happy voice

I need to meet him at the front of the airport in 4 minuets so let's go I said polling my bags and Kim and Aaliyah following beside me.

Skip to the front of the airport

As I was walking out of the airport I see Luke opting some bags in the back of a car and then he said goodbye to the people in the car are walls over to to feint of the airport but he disentangle see me because I was hiding behind Aaliyah and Kim then they doth move and shout Luke and he terns around and sees me and walks over to me.

Hey Emily he said smiling

Hey Luke I Sadi look at him in his blue amassing eyes

Oh guys this is Luke and Luke this Kim and Aaliyah my two best friends I said moving out the way so they could see each other propyl.

So you want to get going he said looking back at me

Umm yeh I said giving my bags to Kim and Aaliyah.bye guys see you at the house latter I said looking back to see Kim and Aaliyah waving as I just got to the car Luke was holding to door open for me I went to get in but then I heard Aaliyah shout to me "be safe don't do something that you shouldn't be doing"

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