Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


3. Creepy Old Zombie Ladies

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I woke up in a cold sweat and a throbbing headache. Light glared down at me from the window near my bed and I reached over to pull the blinds closed. It looked like they hadn't been touched for quite awhile as I examined the dust that sprinkled down after barely touching them. 

The nurses hadn't been back. It looked like no one had been back in quite awhile.

As the realization hit me I felt a slightly panicked giggle bubble up my throat and escape. Before had been slightly funny and my impatience had made me blind and I had ignored my surroundings. Now it was starting to freak me out that I was locked in a room that felt as if it had been abandoned for ages.

I quickly stood up, taking a couple moments to find my feet before striding quickly to the door, but the fact that it was locked tightly didn’t change. Instead, taking shaky steps to the window I put my hands on the blinds and quickly pulled them apart. My breath caught and the world spun. I had expected the car lot to be empty, thinking that the place had been abandoned for the weekend, or so I was hoping. I had no idea how long I'd been asleep and from what I knew dust only needed a small amount of time before it became noticeable. I had no idea if I had

been comatose for a few days or a few years even. and I wished immediately that I was still asleep, my thoughts rotating in and out in a dark spiral of nothingness.

The parking lot wasn't empty, but the world outside seemed to have changed to something completely different. The hospital was a tall building with over five stories and the parking lot wrapped all the way around and stretched outwards to allow ample room for ambulances to make their way around and maneuver between cars. The other city buildings stretched out like a forest of metal trees.

It wasn't the smoke and fire, or the crashed cars, or even the dirty atmosphere that the place threw into my face that made my world stop. It was the fact that there were no people. No sign of even one person. The streets, cars, buildings...they all looked abandoned.

I placed my hand on the glass window and the coldness of it shocked me from my trance. I fell to my knees, tumultuous thoughts whirling through my head.

Did the virus kill everyone??

I remembered that before I had fallen ill myself, there were multiple newscasts about a virus spreading across Asia and then later ones saying it had reached across the globe. 

The counts of people contracting it were popping up randomly but there was no denying it was deadly. The schools and work offices across the country had just started wearing masks and routine check ups when I had been infected, if I remember correctly. 

I shook my head. No. There had to be someone out there.

I looked out the glass and traced the window pane with my finger, unlatching the latch quickly and shoving it open. It stuck but after a little bit I managed to get it open.

The air pummeled into me through the screen and the mix of freshness and a mix of rotting meat and sewage reached my nose, making me gag. I covered my nose with the sleeve of the medical gown and scrunched my face in distaste. 

Shoving the screen out with one violent push I leaned my head out and breathed a .of relief. Luckily I was only on the second floor, but even then It was about a 20-24 foot drop from the window. There were no ledges to hold onto and the smooth red sandstone walls stretched all the way to the ends.

I contemplated on how to get down and whipped around to face the bed.

The sheets.

Perfect. I grabbed them and smiled upon seeing there was just enough to lower myself down.

It was a little bit of a cliché, descending from a window with bed sheets, but it was worth a try and I had nothing else to go on. I needed to get out of here and find someone or I was going to go crazy.

I ripped the sheets off the bed and quickly triple knotted them together. Connecting one end to one of the bed legs, I tossed the other end out the window.

I set one leg over the edge.

Wait a second. I can't go out there looking like this! I thought furiously.

I was naked. I was in no way going to possibly meet people with no clothes. Fuck no.

The room had no drawers and I looked everywhere but the bathroom, leaving it my only option. There was a small shower with a curtain, no water, but there was a towel. I grabbed it and stripped.

There was still water in the toilet and after a quick sniff to make sure it was fine i ripped a piece of cloth from the towel off and quickly wiped away the caked on sweat on my skin, using a little of the hand soap to help me out. I dunked my head into the water and swished it around, running my fingers through it. When i finished i toweled my hair dry and turned toward the mirror.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my appearance was normal. I had feared that by becoming sick I would have grown boils or something on my face.

I smirked at the ridiculousness of it. My strawberry blonde hair was still the same, even with the dark ruby highlights I had gotten myself. 

It was much longer though. Where before it reached just below my shoulders, now long silky tresses with a slight wave reached down to just above my hips. I still looked "at my size 5'1" but my leanness hadn't disappeared. I still had most of my gymnastic muscles, although my legs were a little different. My boobs were still a normal c-cup and my hips were no wider than they had always been. My eyes were still the same shade of dark brown with almost neon green spiking from the center with a golden outline on the outer edges, but there was a slight shining to them that wasn't there before.

I laughed. Maybe the gleam meant I was already crazy.

Another thought hit me as I stared at my reflection and it dawned on me that I could see perfectly well. I had always worn glasses and only started wearing contacts the last year of high

school. I certainly wasn't wearing any right now. I smiled slightly, freaked and excited all in one. At least another good thing came out of me almost dying.

I shook my head and massaged my temple, enjoying the fact that I no longer had acne and could feel soft skin under my fingers. During middle school I had looked like a round potato with red dots that never seemed to go away and my three older brothers, Liam, Jasper, and Cole, always made fun of me for it. Around High School that had luckily changed, but even then my brothers were still tormenting me with old photos.

My heart squeezed as I worriedly wondered what happened to them. My mother had died giving birth to me when I was a babe and my father was a famous scientist so being cooped up in a lab instead of at home with me and my brothers usually suited him better. When he did come home though he always reminded me of why I loved him. He was cheeky and loved to tease me too, but when I tried to tackle him he would always swing me around like I was little again.

I was close to the family I had and it was painful thinking about them. Liam was the youngest, four years older than me at 21 and the older brother I would have tickle wars with. He resembled our mother as well with the strawberry blonde hair but he had my fathers hazel brown eyes instead. He was a mechanic and he was so good I saw him build a car from scratch once. The goofy one who was awkward and shy around people he didn't know, he was also the empathetic one.

Jasper was in the middle and was studying to be a nurse practician. At 25 he was bubbly and outgoing, always taking charge of any situation thrown at him, not to mention the patients loved him. Jasper had my moms turquoise eyes and my dads dark mahogany hair that curled, giving him a playful look. I could always rely on him to help me out if needed. 

My oldest brother Cole at 28 was in the military situated in a base in Pennsylvania. Cole was the smartass who loved to play jokes on me and being the oldest, you'd think he would have grown out of it already, but he loved to see my reactions. He could be sweet but he was well known to be a player and one who didn’t take shit from anyone. It made me proud to think of how strong he was, although he believed himself to be too strong willed. That's why he had voluntarily entered the military. I gulped when I thought about where he was located; I had no notion where I was either and as far as I knew I was still in Northern Colorado.

The thought that I honestly had no clue where I was or why there were no people around or what happened after I had almost died crossed my mind and I hurried back into the main room. 

Grabbing the pillow case I ripped it in two and made a makeshift skirt around my lower half, not caring about my breasts since they were already somewhat covered anyway. With one last look

around the room, I climbed over the windowsill, my eyes on the sheets as I descended slowly down them. I was afraid they would break under me, but I was in luck when my weight only tightened the knots in the sheets. I looked down at the ground and my heart sank when I saw it was about a seven foot drop without the sheets. I hung from the bottom and with a deep breath, let go.

I hit the pavement below with a thud and rolled to my knees to lessen the damage, but I could feel a stinging pain in my left ankle and I hoped I hadn't sprained it too bad.

I stood, rearranging the hospital robe by making a makeshift top and retied the ripped pillowcase. I stepped forward gently on both feet but the stinging I first felt was gone, replaced by a dull throbbing.

I still felt weak but my resolve to find someone was strong and I immediately set out to find people. I jogged, trying to keep the panic I felt enshroud me locked tight as I  witnessed an increasing number of cars crashed into each other, parked on curbs, even crashed into nearby buildings. Smoke rose from broken windows and from buildings at random intersections. Some windows had dark brown stains on them and pieces of stringy looking trash. I cringed away from the thought it could be something more ominous.

"Hello?! Is anyone out here?!" my voice tightened with a small amount of panic and I looked around wildly, my heart pumping. 

I noticed street signs when I reached a crossway that said South Hope Street and Cameron Lane, both of which were completely unfamiliar to me. The cold pavement was like ice under my feet and the mid morning sun shone through a haze of smoke, making it seem like it was mid-august or so. I shivered and crossed my arms.

The city had an air of danger and I had no idea what was going on. As I called out again, my voice echoing, my heart beat faster to the point I thought it might explode. A city was never supposed to be quiet enough to hear anything echo. 

A sudden glimpse of movement to my left as I walked down the road caught my eye like a red beacon and I immediately sprinted toward it while holding my breath. My legs wobbled when I stopped, the muscles I hadn't used in a long while finally waking up. I stopped and gulped a breath, trying to keep my breathing quiet as I searched for any type of movement. A fluttering of something around a nearby corner made me creep around the building slowly and I heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing a woman bent over trying to pick something up. 

Her back was to me and a long red coat made of felt or something dragged behind her in the dirt making her seem homeless, but it was a person. I walked up to her, relieved to finally have met someone in a seemingly abandoned city.

"Thank goodness!" I called out. My voice sang in obvious happiness and I stepped closer to her so she could see me quickly. "I thought there was no one else here! What happened to everyone? Do you know where we are?" I quickly asked.

The woman ignored me and as I stepped closer, some distinct sounds found my ears and I stepped forward hesitantly. It sounded like she was gnawing on something, like a bone, and as it made a crunching sound I cringed slightly. I put my arm forward and gently placed my hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

"Um...excuse me?"

The coat felt soggy under my fingers and as the woman turned around, my breathing hitched. When her face was fully turned around I didn’t know what to do. My first instinct was to scream, my second was to run away. I lurched away from her and my eyes widened in pure horror as I took in her face, or what was left of it. Her eyes were black holes with pieces of tissue and dried blood had streamed down her hollow cheeks. Her nose looked like it had been broken multiple times and her cheek had decayed it looked like, showing reddish-brown muscle and yellowed, chipped teeth. Her hair was thin and raggedy and clumps of what looked flesh were making the few strands left poke up from her scalp. 

I resisted the urge to vomit.

"A-are y-you ok?" I stammered.

She continued chewing on something and as I focused my attention on it, slowly backing away while her black eyes continued to see through me, I seized. My body froze and I felt my eyes twitching back and forth in shock and I stumbled back. A cold sweat broke out on my skin and I felt my hands tremble in terror. The woman stood up and turned entirely to face me and I took in the hole in her stomach where her intestines were falling out like stuffing. Blood and stringy skin were clinging to her legs and bruises that were an ugly yellow-black covered what flesh she had left. I stumbled even farther away from her as she lurched toward me, the leg bone of another person she was gnawing on completely forgotten. I turned and ran, a panicked squeal erupting from me and I sprinted around the corner.

The street stretched out in front of me and I bolted down the pavement, my bare feet slapping down onto it, trying to get as far away as fast as possible. When I reached a bend near where a store was located, seemingly untouched, I ran to the doors and ran inside when they swung open.

It was a clothing store and I ran to one of the clothing racks and jumped between the clothes. My heart thundered in my chest and my breathing hitched as I tried to calm myself down, but the panic continued to dwell in my chest. I forced myself to clamp down on the feeling and took deep breaths as I sat on the tile in between the coats. 

What was that?! I thought hysterically. My hands shook and I covered my ears as I felt a tremor pass through my body. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT?! I mentally screamed.

The image of the woman darted through my head and I clamped it down, trying to lock it away. Panic bubbled up from my core and my mouth felt dry. I squeezed my eyes shut and racked my brain for answers.

Could it have been a movie set? No, I thought, if it were then why the entire city? At least that’s what it looked like. Why would the room I was in be locked? Why would the hospital seem deserted? And that actor would deign to have a smell like that on them, it was absolutely repulsive.

My nose crinkled. The woman had smelled like a mix between rotten meat, spoiled milk, and 3 month old sewage. I felt bile rising up in my throat as I thought about it and my eyes watered. Where was everyone? Why was I here alone? What had happened? These thoughts raced through me and I felt silent tears roll down my face and drip off my chin. I wanted to scream out the panic that was still raging within but all that escaped from my frozen lips was a whimper. 

My mind flashed back to a time when I was little and it was one of the first gymnastic competitions I had ever been to. My reaction to the gathering was not unlike how I was now, only I had been hyperventilating then. My brothers had sat in the audience with my father, one of the few rare times we were all together, and I had stood of to the side, completely paralyzed. I was about seven years old at the time and my brother Liam was the first to notice what was wrong when I didn’t immediately step up on the stage. 

He had grabbed Jasper next to him and Cole and my father had quickly followed to make their way down to me. Being the baby sister my brothers had always managed to balance the scale pretty well between taking care of me and being brothers. They were protective and bossy, but I loved them. 

Liam had run to my side that day, a worried look on his face. I had stumbled forward and gripped his thin waist in a tight hug, burying my face in his blue t-shirt. He had hugged me back and I felt comforting arms around me as the others gave me support.

"What's wrong, little Em?" Jasper cooed at me. I shook my head back and forth when he tried to pull me away from Liam.

"Emmeline, what's wrong? Don’t tell me you're scared?" Cole had gently taunted. I had froze, my cheeks lighting up, and I looked back at him, my eyebrows scrunched. He had laughed gently and patted my head, which I quickly swatted away.

"Really? Our fearless sister? No way!" Jasper looked askance at Cole and frowned, his eyes disbelieving. He looked back at me with a questioning glance and I stepped away from Liam, who had cracked a smile.

"I'm not scared!" I protested hotly, my cheeks flaming.

My dad had shook his head. "Of course not! Not my little girl anyway. My little girl can do anything." He had said.

"I'm not scared just...I'm nervous I'll mess up and...and I don't want that to happen." I confessed quietly.

My brothers and father had exchanged glances over my head and then pulled me over to the seats. My coach stood on the sidelines and motioned to the refs to wait a moment while they talked to me.

"Well, no matter what happens, your brothers and I will still love you no matter what Em. Right boys?" They all nodded, smiles lighting on Liam's and Jaspers faces, a smirk on Cole's.

"Besides, while you're up there, just focus on what you have to do." Liam said.

"Yeah, or if you can't just think of everyone in their underwear." Jasper said grinning. My eyes widened and Cole shoved him gently.

"Don't tell a 7 year old that!" Cole reprimanded.

"Why? It's what I do." Jasper looked confused and my father sighed, exasperated. 

"Listen sweetie, you know what makes papa feel better if he's nervous?" my father had asked me.

I shook my head, the tight bun on top slightly loosening as I did so 

"I count to three." I remember I had looked at him, thoroughly befuddled.

He elaborated carefully for me. "On one, I think about what I have to do, to get whatever it is done. On two, I breathe deeply three times and tell myself to push aside the nervousness and think about something happy. On three, I force myself to step forward and get started. It doesn't matter how long it takes to do, but once you get on your feet, always stand back up if you fall over."

Do that now. I told myself.

I lost track of time, rocking back and forth in that small space, while trying to figure out what was going on and trying to clamp down on my shock using the exercise my father had taught me. By the time I had managed to stop shaking, a few hours had passed. Thank god it had worked, just like it had when I was a kid. I stood up from the tile, my rear end sore and throbbing, my left leg asleep and shooting pin needles.  I hadn't noticed before, but the clothes surrounding me on the racks were heavy winter coats. I stood on my tiptoes to see over the hangers and noticed I was in a sports authority store. The red sign stood over a nearby counter, the lights off and glass reflecting a light sheen from the windows.

I emerged from the rack slowly, my heart pounding a thousand miles a minute. I looked around the store, noticing the shattered windows and the merchandise scattered over the orange and white tiled floor. 

A breeze from outside came through the windows and rifled the pillowcase skirt I had on, reminding me of my nakedness. Might as well get some actual clothes while I was in there was my thought process. 

I went to the pants and grabbed some black running pants that reached my ankles, thankful they were my size, then went to the shirts. I grabbed a neon pink and grey running t-shirt that had the Nike insignia on the back then grabbed an all-weather coat with a sleek look in black. There was no underwear in the store, except for sports bras, so I only had a black one and no panties. Next I headed to the shoes, keeping my head low and my ears perked as I made my way around the isles. 

I grabbed some socks and quickly found some good tennis shoes that were my size, indulging in myself by getting one in multiple neon colors.

I stood and felt much better now that I had actual clothes on my body. 

A sound echoed throughout the store, a loud clang like something had fallen, and I jumped to my feet, my heart pounding a thousand miles a minute. I stealthily walked to the sports

equipment section which was right behind me and grabbed a set of ski poles that were black and orange. I held each in one of my hands and took a deep breath.

One time I remember walking around a corner and Cole had scared me so bad by jumping out that I had peed myself. It was terrifying and the situation I was in now reminded me of that moment, though I hoped that if anything i'd run into my brother again instead of the other option.

I slowly turned the corner and let loose the breath I had been holding when nothing showed up. Besides a pair of shoes that had fallen over off of a wall rack, the store was dead quiet except for my breathing.

I took another deep breath and made my way slowly to the door with my skii poles as weapons. I couldn't help but giggle hysterically as I thought about it what these could do to someone. At least it was better than nothing though.

By the time I had turned around it was already dusk and on a last second impulse I went back into the store and grabbed a pair of black sweats which I put on, a heavy coat, a flashlight and some batteries. Deciding to bring a blanket as well I grabbed a back pack to stuff everything inside, including some water bottles, filled and empty, that were stashed behind the counter. There was no money in the register except some coins so I left it alone. 

Making my way outside, the sky was darkening with the sun on he horizon lowering below the buildings. I sped up to a jog, trying to keep a steady pace, but before losing ng my legs were shaking and I could barely stand. 

I had already passed a couple blocks, clothing stores and business firms passing on both sides while I ran down the street. 

When my legs started shaking I was in luck by finding a car with the windows intact so I made my way over to it.  The driver side was unlocked and as I turned my flashlight on I could see that it was empty. The front seat and passenger side had what looked like dried blood on the seats and I stopped myself from shivering in disgust. I hurriedly climbed inside, closing the coat around me tighter, and got comfortable in the backseat which was also completely empty and luckily, dry.

Locking the doors I settled back against the seat using my back pack as a pillow and my eyelids drooped until sleep claimed me.

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