All of Me - a Collection of Poems

This is just a collection of poems that I have written over the last couple of years.


1. Come With Me

Come with me to the sea

Where we can always be free

To be what we want to be

And see what we want to see.

Come with me to the edge of the land

Where we can play in the sand

And you can take my hand

And roam the land with me.

Come with me to the old country road

Where we can set down our load

And travel to our humble abode

And forget the burden we towed.

Come with me to the little town

Where we'll never be let down

And you can be a clown

And I can wear my silly gowns.

Come with me to our Father in Heaven

Where we'll be among our brethren

And we can be together

Forever and ever.

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