daddy issue


10. 10

Luke and I finished lunch first and decided to take a tour. we went into the master bathroom.. it was breath taking!!! the tub was HUGE. I got in and sat down.. luke got in behind me.. he put his arm around me and we put our feet up. we laugh an chat for an hour.. casually sitting in a bathtub.. until mikey and faith walk in.. they were taking a tour too.. I smile.. luek an di get up us 4 extange looks and laugh.. luke and I run into the game room... they had car race games from arcades.. luke paid.. he was such a sweetie. we stayed there for 2 hours it was crazy!! we decided to then join everyone outside by the pool.. luke was sitting down and I was bringing him his drink when he brought out a water gun and sprayed me.. I dropped the drinks.. he got up.. put his hands around my face and kissed me.. he pulled away slow with a snicker.. " sorry " he said putting his arm around me. " if that's the apology feel free to do it whenever " I said and winked at him. he winked back. he kissed me again.. " get a room " joe said. " ahh don't listen to him girl. " tyler said with a laugh... Another kiss was placed on my lips.. and another onto lukes.. 

Sorry its so short!!!

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