Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Espinosa had the most perfect girlfriend till she died in a tragic accident......He sits around trying to forgot that night but one night he sees her telling him to try to find somebody who cares about him like she did, thats quiet girl Morgan Wells


1. Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Lee Espinosa seemed like the perfect kid with all the friends, family who loved everybody. He had this sweet/caring girlfriend by the name Allie who never said a single bad word about anybody.


One night the unthinkable happend as they drive down the street a group of kids shoot at the truck.


“Hey baby why don’t we take Roach and Russell and get to my house quicker!” Allie says and I nodded pulling into left lane, using the left turning blinker. Right as I turned the corner this sliver honda come out of no where shooting.


“ALlie get down people are shooting” I pull Allie’s head down before the next soot happen the pow pow two more shoots come towards us. I speed off down the street, the car is gone. WHat the fuck was that shooting at us like serious. Pulling to the side to check up on Allie, patting her back to get up.


“Baby it’s over get up” I say and she didn't move oh shit please don’t be dead NO! I step out the car to Allie’s side opening the door fastly. I looked at her with watery eyes pulling her of safety. Seeing her not moving made me cry some more. Laying her out on the lawn for CPR but nothing was happeneing at 10 minutes of that. “Babby please….why did this have to happen to you Allie you’ve done nothing wrong?”


pulling out my phone to call 911 “this 911 what's your emergancy?”


“My girlfriend got shot in the back of head”


“Tell us where you are sir please”


“Russell and Roach ma’am please hurry she is dying”




They pulled Allie into the parademics back and I stood there about to hop in the back but the police grabbed me. “What the fuck get off me she is my girlfriend please let me go with her she is my everything” I say struggling to break free from the police, they pinned me to the ground


“sir we need you for questioning” One said hand cuffing me then yanking me up roughly. Some of the people come out scared, confused i wanted nothing more than to cry. Allie shoudn’t have got shot in the head. My baby girl was going to die this was a certain.


Sitting in the police statio trying to answer all the questiom but this sucked azz.


“Let me go see my girlfriend i want to say goodbye to her….please let me go” I begged trying to yank free, One from earlier pushed me back telling me to settle down.


“No i am not going to settle down sir she is my everything…” Then they uncuffed me finally but it was at least midnight from what i seeing. Rushing out the building running towards to the hostipal seeing Allie’s blood from earlier on my white shirt and shoes.


“FUCK….FUCK” racing into hosptial seeing some of Allie’s Family in the waiting room.


“Where is Allie guys?” I say getting dirty looks, sad looks


“She is in ER Matthew...What even happened”


“Some random car started to shoot at us i don't even know why Mrs. Saum it was so sudden. She was head down and i am guessing the bullet went through the car for Allir’s head. I am so soryy i tried so hard to help her but it ould be too late. The poilce cuffed me up taking me for questioning . My car is back on Roach and Russell getting i guess checked. Plese don’t hate me. Allie shoudl still be here right now  in her bed sound asleep”


The scene was replaying in my head the whole time, this was making me all sweaty and sick. It was just barely four in the morning when doctor were running with a girl and i caught a look the girl had long brown hair, long lashes. There was her love tattoo on her neck. That was her.


After about 4:30 some lady come out with with a sad look No is Allie dead?


“Are you guys here for Aliie Saum?” We all nodded our heads, and the most aweful word come out her mouth  “I am so terribly sorry but Allie Saum is dead…..i’ll let you guys have a moment” I fall the the ground crying into my mom’s arms kicking and screaming on the floor. I was so done with this cruel world. Who ever was in the silver car better be ready for a big court battle. I got out my mom’s gasp going into a corner crying to myself, she come back up to me.




Everybody was looking at us all crazt like wtf happened. Throwing my white, black and snapback off to the ground. Allie gave me that for my birthday not too long that made me more sadder. Our promises ring were all i have left of her but why her why just me.  


Sliding off the promise ring, putting it in my pant’s pocket. Seeing out picture from earlier in the night before this all happened. Allie was only 17 years old just a junior in high school like me.


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