I Am {For #WhatMakesMeHappy}

So this is super-pretentious and whatnot, but whatever. It makes me happy.

(A poem for the #WhatMakesMeHappy campaign competition thingy)

Also, the formatting won't let me bring the first three lines close together...grr...


1. I Am

I think that the dazzling sun

and the splashing rain

and the whirling wind

that storm our precious earth 
and batter its shell-like crust
in a haze of destruction 
are favoured;
favoured over the still sky
and the quiet moon
and the iridescent stars
that  spread out above our heads  in ornate trails and sequinned patterns.
And they are favoured because they are tangible
there to feel against our soft skin.
And we can know them
know their force
know their name
without having to wonder for too long.
And I like them.
I like to know them.
But I also like to wonder a little
at times
over the navy ripples of the galaxy
and the infinity that lies in all directions;
the slow stillness of a vacuum all around
that holds the planets in a timeless rotation around one another.
And what makes me happy is that I am able to appreciate the marvels of the universe
and the catastrophic turns in the weather
at the same time as sitting on a bed
in a bedroom
in a house
in a town
in a city
in a county
in a country
in a world both separate and completely together with those untraceable stars and the pale moon. And I can also love the beige carpet beneath my feet
and the strange conversations I have with the best of the best
of friends
and I can love the interconnected satellite dishes that hold my Internet up
on rainy days
and in the late hours
never complaining
whilst I ramble on about anything and everything I can.
And I can enjoy my life.
I can love and like and dislike
and appreciate and understand and comprehend
and know and not know and not need to know.
I can be a person
an individual
with opinions and 
racing thoughts
and fingers aching from typing
and good lord 
what a world I live in.
I can write like this 
and fill it with pretentious vocabulary 
and ridiculous adjectives
and it is allowed
and it is accepted
and all the while it's making me happy.
And I know.
I know that this is right.
This is who I want to be.
I want to be happy
and right now
at this minute
at the same time that Jupiter is moving
and Orion the Hunter is waiting in silence
and a little girl is riding her bicycle down the street,

I am.


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