What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


4. Prototype Ch. 4 - Not Ready to Die


I sat on my bed staring at Violet as she stared at Ariel. Something was up and I wanted to know what.
“So who is this guy anyway?” Violet asked suddenly, as if reading my mind.
“He” Ariel said “He is practically the devil himself.”
“Demon?” I asked.
“No” she shook her head “He is just… I don’t even have the words to describe him.”
“Who is he?” Violet asked, she sounded like she really wanted to know.
“I won’t tell you” Ariel stated “Anything at all.”
“Why not?” I asked “We had to run away from him, we might as well know why we are running.”
Ariel looked back at me “Are you ready to die?”
I shook my head, I was anything but ready. I still had years and years to go. I planned on having kids regardless of the future pain. I wanted love too, but I just don’t know.
Ariel sighed “It’s for your safety.”
“What would just telling us his name do?” I asked.
“To keep you from seeking him out to find your own answers.”
I sighed, she was smart. Knowing me and Violet we would have probably asked around anyway.
“Wait” I interrupted her pacing “Did he kill the girl?”
Ariel bit her lip “In all fairness she wasn’t completely human, but the press didn’t want to let that little bit of info out.”
“That didn’t answer my question.”
“I don’t really know the story” she admitted “I heard that he did, or at least had part in it.”
“What if he didn’t?” Violet asked.
She seemed more open to being here now, it made me feel better.
“It doesn’t matter if he did or not” Ariel huffed.
“What if we can get him to help us?” I asked.
Ariel stopped to stare at me like I was crazy “He can’t be trusted, he wouldn’t help us anyway.”
“Why not?” I asked “If he is as crazy as you say he might go for it.”
She shook her head “If you thought Blaze was an ass then you have no idea.”
“But he might go for it” Violet encouraged.
“If anyone here should hate humans it’s him” Ariel finally sat down “He would gain nothing from helping us, so he wouldn’t even try.”
I sighed “Now what?”
Ariel didn’t say anything, she just stared back at us “We just go on with our lives until time runs out.”
I shrugged, that sounded like we were gonna die. And soon.
There was a low knock on the door.
“Brock” Ariel looked as if she would cry.
I couldn’t help but notice how human like she was, how a lot of them were. They did blend in with us back in the day after all.
The door opened and right away Ariel was in the arms of Brock.
I felt a pang of jealousy, they were in love there was no doubt about it. Love…
I sat there for a minute before I realized Brock wasn’t alone, he brought Vampires back to our room? Or were they Werewolves like him?
“So who are your friends?” I asked interrupting their reunion.
“Oh, sorry” Brock smiled sheepishly “Zane, Zero these are the humans I was talking about, Jade and Violet” he said indicating to each of us.
One walked in and took a seat next to me; I didn’t know which was which.
“Zane” he said looking straight forward, his dark blue eyes not meeting me, his black hair definitely distinguishing him from Zero.
I just looked to the floor, what an ass.
Zero took a seat next to Violet keeping his gaze towards Brock and Ariel.
Zero seemed better about being around us, his light brown eyes scanning me and then Violet.
“So our future is in their hands?” Zero asked “Hardly seems fair.”
“Life isn’t fair” Brock stated “We don’t have time to play this game, just make sure you remember their faces and watch over them.”
They both nodded.
Really? It was that simple?
Zane looked at me before making a face “They look so plain.”
“Well thanks” I frowned.
“Well at least this one does” he gave me a dirty look.
“Pardon me for not dressing to impress.”
His gaze looked bored “Is this all?”
“Pretty much” Ariel said.
“So I can leave before this scent kills me?”
I made a face “What the hell?”
He just walked out.
Zero remained on the bed across from me.
“You should probably go with him” Brock recommended.
“I guess, he just gets weird around humans” Zero said.
“Make sure he is still up for helping us, we can’t afford anything bad to happen.”
Zero nodded before getting to his feet “There is nothing wrong with your smell” he said looking at me before walking out.
“Once again” I said first “What the hell?”
“I’m not sure how to describe what he means” Ariel frowned “Just that he likes the way you smell and it makes him want to… uh”
“Eat us?”
“Well” she looked a little unsure of how to go about answering “Kind of yeah.”
I shrugged “As long as he doesn’t.”
“Agreed” Violet said.
We sat there for a minute.
“Now what do we do?” I asked.
Ariel shrugged “I’m surprised we got this far.”
“It’s a good start” Brock said.
“But what are we supposed to do, it’s not like we have super powers that we can be all awesome with” I said feeling overwhelmed.
“Where did that even come from?” Violet asked.
“Nervous” I whined lying back on my bed.
“Get some rest” Ariel said “Tomorrow begins your first full day here, so try to bear it.”
I nodded “Night”
I waited until I heard Violet walk them out and lock the door.
“I want to know who this mysterious guy is that everyone is freaking out about.”
I looked over at her “Are you kidding?”
She shook her head “I’m not convinced.”
I fought the urge to roll my eyes at her “What’s not to get?”
“He might be able to help us” she got up “Help me find him.”
I felt a shooting pain go through me “No.”
“Then I’ll go myself” she huffed.
“No!” I was up in seconds to stop her “Why?”
“He can’t be as bad as they say.”
“You don’t know that” I stated.
“Maybe I do, part of my subconscious maybe.”
I sighed “What if he tries to kill us?”
She made a face “Please Jade.”
“Are you begging me?” I asked trying to be angry.
“Please, please” she pleaded.
I rolled my eyes back so far it burned “Why me?” I asked no one in particular.
“Because this is your fault anyway” she stated.
I stopped “You wanna play that card?”
“If I have to yes.”
“Then go find him yourself.”
“No, no I don’t play it” she hugged me tightly “Please Jade.”
“Fine” I pried her arms off me “But you better change your damn clothes.”
She sighed before changing.
I had to wait…
I found myself staring in our mirror. I looked plain?
I had light red hair almost to my tail bone with light green eyes, a light amount of freckles across my nose and cheeks. Compared to Violet I was plain.
She was beautiful… we were supposed to be twins and yet she had all the beauty. She dyed her hair to get rid of her blonde locks; I however kept mine red out of love for the color. Her eyes seemed to shine more, a more beautiful green than mine. Bright green that made you want to stare, mine were green with hints of brown. And her boobs! I was down like a full cup size compared to her… why me?
Why did I have the sister that could look good in anything and date whoever she wanted? The sister who could knock a guy off his feet with just a bat of her lashes?
Why was I so unlike her? She was even taller than me.
“I’m ready” she sang.
She was even more social than I was…
“Are you ready to go?” she asked me.
I nodded pulling on a sweater.
“What’s with the sweater?”
I didn’t want to tell her that it was because I was trying to hide myself as much as I could, so lied through my teeth “Just feel like wearing one, it’s kinda cold anyway.”
She shrugged before we walked out.

~ <> ~

It felt like an hour maybe. But we came up with nothing and no one.
“Maybe we should go back” Violet suggested.
“No way in hell” I growled “You wanted to find this guy and I’ll be damned if we don’t.”
She frowned, “Sorry.”
“No you aren’t” I sighed “Part of me wanted to find him too; I just wasn’t brave enough to say it.”
She perked up “Really?”
I nodded “We have to find him now, to prove he isn’t as bad as they say he is.”
She nodded “Where to?”
“Let’s go to the main dormitory again” I recommended “That’s where he was earlier, he might be there again.”
She nodded “That’s why you have the brains.”
I frowned, maybe that was all I had compared to her.
We walked down the stone pathway passing the building that reminded me of a church.
“Are you ladies lost?”
I turned to see Blaze picking dirt from his nails with a pocket knife. I gulped.
“Sort of” Violet said.
“What can I help you with?” he asked putting the knife into his pocked.
“That guy you were talking about earlier” Violet said “We want to know more about him.”
Blaze looked surprised “The one thing I was told not to help you out with” he shrugged with fake disappointment.
Violet frowned “Come on, I know you wanna tell us.”
He looked too amused for his own good “You sure about that?”
“Yes” Violet nodded “You do.”
He shrugged “I tend to forget things, maybe a little bit of inspiration might help me remember.”
I glared “You ass.”
“Ah the kitten finally lets out her claws.”
“What kind of inspiration?” Violet asked.
He shrugged “Depends.”
“God” I groaned “Can you stop being an ass for two seconds and just help us?”
He smiled “He prefers not to mingle with humans, and I am more on his side than I am on yours, so get lost.”
I glared “Wow.”
“Yeah wow” he said crossing his arms “Now go on, get” he tried to shoo us away.
“No” I hissed “This is bullshit, you need to tell us who he is now.”
“I don’t believe I do kitten.”
I wanted to beat the shit out of him, and I never felt the need to do that to anyone before… ok that was a damn lie, but you get my point.
We stood our ground.
“Fine, don’t leave then” he pulled his knife back out “Go on before I decide to finger paint”
I didn’t get it. Was he mental?
“Do you want me to fucking stab you bitch?” he growled “Get the hell out of here before you piss me off.”
It seems like we were already having that effect on him.
He glared and I almost faltered.
“Why won’t you just leave?” he asked as if he was exhausted.
“For one you just called me a bitch” I frowned “And you won’t answer our questions.”
“That was a slip, I’m not sure yet if I meant it or not, and as for not answering you bet your ass I’m not saying a word.”
“Some help you are” Violet said.
“Never said I was going to be.”
I just grabbed Violet by her hand and pulled her along with me.
“What was his deal?”
I shrugged “I don’t know, but he seemed almost bipolar.”
“Kind of yeah” she said “So now where to?”
“You still want to find the guy?” I asked feeling like all my exhaustion was coming down at once.
“Yes, we have to find him.”
I sighed “Can’t we try again tomorrow?”
She sighed “I guess, if you are that tired”
I nodded “I might sleep sitting up if I had the chance.”
“Alright” she smiled lightly “To bed then.”
“First food” I said.
“I thought you were tired” she practically hissed.
“I can’t sleep with an empty stomach” I complained.
“We ate a few hours ago.”
“Just because you don’t eat doesn’t mean I have to starve.”
“Fine, just meet me back at our room ok?”
I nodded “I know where to find you, later.”
I watched her until she was a few feet away, then I went to where I knew the food was at.
There weren’t as many people as there was before, almost like they ate once a day or something.
I made my way up to the plates until I heard loud laughter.
“You should have seen him” it was a guy “He was all AAAHHH” he screamed as if he was being murdered “He didn’t even try” the guy huffed “Some human he was.”
Oh no, not good.
I set the plate back down, suddenly I wasn’t hungry anymore. I half turned before I tried to leave.
“Where do you think you’re going?” the girl smirked.
“Uh” I looked around for a possible escape route “I was just trying to…”
“To leave?” she asked.
“Yeah” I mumbled.
“Now why would you want to go and do that?” she asked, scary too, her dark brown eyes showing a hint of red.
“I wasn’t hungry.”
“Did we make you lose your appetite?” the guy who screamed asked.
“No, I was just leaving, so if you could just…”
“If we could just what?” she hissed “Move?”
I nodded “Yes”
“Why should we?”
I frowned “Because you two are irritating and you need to move” I snapped.
“Oh look what suddenly grew balls” the girl laughed “Say something brave again rat.”
I bit my lip… I couldn’t die here, Violet was waiting for me to come back, I had to meet her. I had to last more than one day.
“That’s what I thought” the girl giggled “Little human bitch.”
It was on.
I shoved her out of the way and made my way to the door.
“You did not just put your hands on me!” the girl screeched.
“Shut the fuck up” I growled “You are so damn annoying!”
Anger dominated her once amused expression; her shoulder length brown hair was almost able to hide her fury… that’s when I knew I had to run.
I pushed through the doors only managing to fall on my face, and if that wasn’t bad enough I managed to fall in the only part of the dirt that was wet, making my once orange pants brown and orange.
The girl nearly ripped the door off the hinges once she got out.
I got up only to run a little more before falling again, my knee was bleeding and it hurt so damn bad.
“This has got to be the easiest catch” the girl laughed “Just like a rat.”
I sighed “If you’re gonna kill me can you do it already, you have no idea how annoying you actually are.”
She growled “Fine then, you little bitch” she grabbed me by my hair and threw me back on the ground.
My head hit the ground hard and I wasn’t sure what happened. My head started to throb and I wasn’t sure if that wet feeling was blood or if I was in water again.
“You think you can come here and control us” she hissed “You have no right.”
I glared up at her trying to get my hair free “How the hell was I trying to control you, I just tried to leave the cafeteria when you decided to play cat and mouse, how is that my fault?”
She growled again “You stupid human, everything is your fault!”
She pulled harder on my hair causing me to scream, it hurt so damn bad when a bitch had a fist full of your hair. Plus this one had extra strength making it not fair.
“Let go!” I hissed.
“Make me” she sounded amused again before she locked her other hand in my hair.
I let out another cry of pain; my head was not a scratching post.
There was a low clicking sound that stopped the girl dead in her tracks, her hands released my hair and she drew back.
“I was wondering how long it would take before you realized how pathetic that was.”
It was a male voice.
I just laid back holding my head, I think she may have ripped out some of my hair. I whimpered.
There the clicking sound was again, this time continuous.
“Why are you even out here?” the girl hissed “You should be off planning world domination or something.”
I sat up to glare at her, man she was annoying.
“You know Monica” the guy began “No one would miss a half breed.”
She just stood still.
“Leave her alone” the guy she was with got in front of her as if ready to protect her from anything.
The clicking sound came again.
“Maybe you should choose your fights carefully” his words were measured as if weighing their consequence “Isn’t that right Bradley?”
Bradley glared at the guy but I couldn’t blame him, mister mysterious over there sounded crazy.
Now that I was seeing a little more clearly Bradley wasn’t a bad looking guy, he just chose the wrong girl. He had short blond hair with brown, almost golden eyes.
“What do you even want?” Bradley hissed.
A low chuckle game from the guy, it felt like my heart just fluttered. Wait no… it can’t flutter he isn’t human and he’s crazy!
“For you and your sister to stop causing trouble.”
“How are we causing trouble?” Monica demanded.
“For one this” he gestured to me.
“She was being a snotty little bitch” Monica stated as if it were a fact.
I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted.
“That’s far from what I heard” he sounded almost amused now.
“Well then you heard wrong” she huffed.
“Need I mention the human guard you two decided to feed on earlier this evening?”
They both went silent.
“I understand why you hate the humans, but it is no excuse to cause so much unnecessary drama. You know the weight of your negligence will come back on your kind ten fold.”
“He was threatening to do stuff to us” Monica said as if it happened all the time.
“Who would even think about touching you?”
“Not what I meant” she growled “He was talking about paralyzing Vampires to have his way with them; I can’t stand for such… grossness.”
And here I thought she was about to say something smart.
“It doesn’t matter now” he sighed “Just go back to your rooms; I’ve had enough of you two.”
They both hesitated before leaving.
I tried to get up but failed.
“You, I wasn’t finished with yet.”
I felt my knees start to shake, oh shit.
I looked back and he was lighting a cigarette.
“So you are one of the humans” he said before exhaling the smoke.
I simply nodded.
It was too dark for me to really describe him, like he didn’t want to be seen.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Someone who just saved your ass” I saw him take another drag before throwing what was left on the ground to step on.
“I never asked to be saved now did I?”
“No, your screams practically begged for more Vampires to come and shut you up.”
“So what, I’m just a stupid human to you, why do you care?”
He stood there for a minute “Who said I cared? I make it my job to make sure stupid people regardless of species stay in line and follow the rules.”
“Sorry to disappoint, but me being here already upsets the balance of things.”
“You humans are more trouble than you’re worth” he spat.
“Is that why you killed the last human?” I demanded “Was she a waste?”
He stood perfectly still “That was a completely separate matter.”
“Did you or didn’t you kill her?” I felt like I was going to cry.
“I did” he spat “So what?”
I stared at him “Why? How could you?”
“You really don’t understand what you’ve gotten yourself into.”
“Of course I don’t understand” I felt helpless “What is there to understand? My first day here and I have some stupid girl pulling my hair because I suddenly decided I wasn’t hungry, how is that my fault!?”
It took a minute before he responded “And here I thought you would be spitting out nonsense” he laughed dryly “Now back to your dorm before the real monsters come out to play.”
I rolled my eyes “Yeah, and maybe I can walk back to my room, oh wait” I pretended to have an epiphany “Darn, I practically busted my knee trying to get away from Clawzilla back there.”
He sighed “Did I forget to say humans are more trouble then they’re worth?”
“No I got it the first time thanks” I just sat there; maybe Violet or somebody would come and look for me.
“Are you really going to just sit there?”
I nodded “I can’t exactly get up, so yeah the floor will have to make due.”
There was a silence before hands pulled me off the ground, helping me stand.
“I thought humans were more trouble then they’re worth?”
He just sighed “Where is your room?”
“You can just put me back on the floor if you want.”
“Where is your room?” he asked again.
“It’s a long walk” I warned.
“Just tell me the number” he said irritated.
“737” I mumbled.
He pulled most of my weight, but it made me feel bad.
“Hold on” I tried to stop but he kept going “You don’t need to help me I can do it.”
He stopped to look down at me “I highly doubt that.”
“I can too” I huffed.
“Then try” he let me go and immediately I fell banging my knee on the ground.
I hissed trying to push myself up.
“See” he pulled my arm over his shoulders and he arm went around my waist.
“So are you going to tell me who you are or am I just going to have to give you a dorky name in my head?”
“Lucian” he sighed “And you?”
“Lucian what?” I asked skeptically.
“Cross” he sounded a little more irritated.
“Jade Knight” I opened my mouth to say something else but he interrupted me.
“Enough getting to know each other, you won’t last very long here anyway.”
“Wow” I glared at him “You help a lady out then tell her she’s just gonna die anyway? You might as well have just left me back there in the mud.”
He sighed “A few more doors and I will be rid of you.”
I just shook my head before pushing him away “You know what fine, be rid of me sooner.”
He stood there for a minute, not a single word he just watched me.
“Now you won’t go away” I felt angry, yet somehow upset that he wanted nothing to do with me “I can make it back myself.”
I didn’t hear anything else so I just went on my marry way trying not to fall. But that wish lasted a few steps before I fell scraping my hands on the rocks.
I just sat there, I give up.
“You said you would make it back yourself” he paused “I see otherwise.”
Why did he sound so serious and angry?
“What the hell did I ever do to you?” I demanded.
“You in particular, nothing” he said simply “Just your kind.”
“Humans you mean.”
“You don’t hear me talking shit, so why don’t you just give it a rest.”
He didn’t respond, he just stood behind me.
“Why are you even here still?” I practically growled “You say all that mean stuff then just stay here.”
“Are you saying I hurt your feelings?” I could hear the amusement in his voice.
“No, I’m saying that you are a complete ass and you need to leave me alone.”
In my fit of anger I managed to make my way back to my room, I can’t say unharmed but when I turned around to yell at him again he was gone. The one time I wanted to see him he was gone.
I sighed before opening the door, of course to be bombarded by my sister. But no, she was out like a light on her bed. I wanted that, I wanted peace of mind, I wanted rest, I wanted… Lucian to not be such an ass.
And for about the millionth time… I wished I could be Violet, perfect, care free Violet.

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