The Watcher

It watches all the time. Their is no escape. It's always their watching but never moves. Wish I never moved!!!


1. New House

I had just got married. Me and my wife where put looking for at new house. I held her hand as we drove around. "How about this one love?" I asked to pointing to a house we where about to pass. Mandy looked out my window and get eyes light up. "That house looks so cute. Wonder why it's on sale? Why don't we go check it out." She said a smile on her face. I pulled over to the house. Their was a man outside nailing the fir sale sign in the house. When we got out off the car he turned to us a smile on his face. "AHHH just married?" We smiled at each other and nodded. "Congrats you to love birds. So looking for your first house?" Ounce again we nodded.

"Come this way then." he led us into the house. As soon as we entered I got a chill down my back. It felt like someone was watching me. I didn't like the feeling. Not at all in any way. "Hey Mandy you sure you want to live here?" She looked at me still happy as ever. "Your just nervous is all Jeff. Besides you picked this house out your self. I'm sure that ounce we make it feel more like home you'll start to like it here." I thought about what she said and went with it talking a deep breath. I'm sure she's right. It's just all your head Jeff.

I followed her up stairs and watched as she pointed out 3 rooms. Perfect for starting a family. "It's perfect! Don't you agree Jeff?" I smiled and nodded in agreement trying not to laugh as she planed out all the rooms. "Seems like this house has everything we need. Roomy back yard lots of space. Great neighborhood what more could we ask for. The best part about this house is that I get to live here with you. I kissed her ounce on the lips before she went to talk to the man from out side.


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