Writerly Bliss

*Winner of the What Makes You Happy Contest. Cover by HeartTaunter* Writing is my happy place. ©2015


1. Writerly Bliss

There are many things that make me happy, but one of things that makes me happiest is writing. With writing, I can do so many things, but two stick on in my mind in particular: expressing my thoughts and creating different worlds.

It’s easier for me to express my thoughts on paper than aloud. Several months ago, I started a diary. It’s really helped me find out what I’m really thinking and getting some insight of my emotions and such. It’s one of my favorite forms of communication because it allows me to get my words out clearer.

Storytelling was one of the first things I did with writing. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved stories. To be sucked into another world and experience everything it has to offer gives me so much bliss. Stories really do take you to another world, and what’s so great is that you don’t even have to physically travel anywhere. You can be transported from the comfort of your home, snuggling on a couch with a book in your hand full of precious words.

Those are just two of the reasons I love writing. There are some others that are less important, but I still enjoy them: the brush of a pen when I’m writing on paper, the formation of words with that little ink, seeing your words come to life on paper. Even typing up stories, while less physical, has its bright spots: the excitement you get when you write a full sentence, paragraph, page; looking at your word count and amazing yourself; playing around with pretty fonts.

Writing is just one of the things that makes me happy.

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