My Diary

Hi I am winnie and this my life story it's is so filled with drama u want to know if it is true or false but i will have to tell you everything i write in this book it true (not the names tho they are all changed and made up sorry) Sit back and relax i hope u enjoy it as much as I am trying too.


2. Is this LOVE?

Dear Diary, Today, well I found who are my real friends and who are not. So Kirstie, Ana, Evie, Kelsey and I we well all sat in a place inside the library and Kistie stared at me and said "our group is spilting up" and I said "i know". She is like one my really close friends like I feel I can tell her anything, but then I get a scared feeling. Today I had my musical practise and I saw you know who Ben, the one person I thought and felt that I got over but I guess I didnt. I guess I just tried to forget he exsit at all, like I left facebook and unfollwered him on instagram and but then when I saw him face to face with another girl I felt like i was getting jealous but I dont know why I thought I'm over him and feel so but why can't I move on? what does he have on me? When I saw him talking to another girl i said to myself "i will never stand a chance against her, she beautiful and looks smart and sounds funny" I guess I might be a little jealous but thats all. What if this is more than the fact I havent gotten over him. what if this is more than like? What if this is LOVE! ? how do I know if this is love I have never felt this before. I have tried for so many times to get him but I can't seem to get over him. Why is love hard? I tried to get him to like me but, it's no good he wants someone more older and taller and prettier than me. Today I read something that changed my mind about wanting people or liking I have to be myself or else I will never be able to know who I really. But I fell like this feelings I have is real you know like the kind you only get in movies and TV shows. I'm scared that if anything happened I will get hurt so much that i will end up hating myself for the rest of my life. I stared watching a TV show called the tomorrow people and I love it, it distracts me from the real world. I woke up thinking today will be different but it wasn't, maybe it is time I face that I need help or should i just keep calm and leave everything the way it is.  until next time, Love you always Winy 
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