Everything and anything can happen

Hello my name is Mckenzie
My mom and dad and brother just got killed by a horrible car reck .i got. A call while I was waching my tv in austrilia and the judge said I was way to young to live on my young I'm 16 years old And they said I should go live with my aunt Liz and my cousin luke in Sydney. Austrilia. I was on the flight .i put my earbuds in. And 2 hours later I got off the flight and went in the airport in search of suit case I turend to find luke right behind me I said hey luke he said hey did you find your suitcase I said yep I did ok come on my mom is at work she won't be back for 3 weeks I said ok that's. Fine. We interde the drive way. He said I'm going to warn you about my friends there crazy but really nice ok we interd the house. To find 3 boys sitting on the couch "luke said this is Mckenzie " a brown headed boy comeing up to me and said hello my name is ashton I said hey and then a blonde headed boy came up to me said hey my name is micheal I said hey ok then "luke,micheal,and ashton"said that's calum he slowly glazed up at me and blushed I said hey "and I said to my self could it actully. Be falling for this boy I said luke. Can I talk to you he said yes thank you. Does. Calum have a girlfriend. He said no why I now I just meet. Him but I like him and I think he likes. Me when you ,ashton,and micheal interd used us he slowley glazed up at me and blushed "luke said I can talk to him"I. Said really. Thank you so. Much


1. New chapter

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