This is the story of one year of my life


3. May 15th, 2015 - Eventful Week

    Being busy is strange for me. This past week has been all over the place and I am kind of glad it's over. Let me tell you a bit about it.
    I had to stay up late on Sunday and Saturday drawing on a poster. At the end, my fingers hurt and I had finished listening to a whole book. It would've been a waste of time if I didn't have a list of books read this year numbered from 1 to 40 and having only reached number 16 by this point in the year. This challenge I set for myself on last year's New Year's Eve has been hard to keep up with specially because of last week. I keep feeling like I'm not going to make it even if I'm right on schedule, I guess it's the fact that this busy week has not allowed me to read anything. 
    On Monday I stayed up late again, drawing on two more posters and on a billion fliers. How on earth did I get stuck doing all of this? It all started the week before when Mrs., lets call her Wanda, my Social Studies teacher announced we would all be cooking for Food Day, then she said "We have to have posters," she looked at me. "Sam, can you do this?" I thought there was only one poster. "Great! Class, Sam will be doing the posters because she is amazing." 
    I'm guessing you have no idea what Mrs. Wanda meant by "Amazing". You probably think she meant I'm amazing because I nodded, but it is much deeper than that, so listen. I'm what my classmates call "The Artist of The Class", it's been this way since as long as I can remember. I guess one day, one of the boys leaned in to see what I was drawing and then I was The Artist of The Class. I am quite good at drawing, even I can see it. I've entered three drawing competitions in my life. I lost the first, but kinda made it to a big wall outside my school, I know why I lost, because every day when I step out of my school bus, I walk right next to that mural and it is not pretty. The second competition was the one where I almost won, I entered with my best friend at the moment and I did most of the drawing, but I begged her to step right in front of the whole school and accept I'd won third place. Then, on "El Día De Quito", which is the day we people from Quito celebrate being from Quito, I was so good at drawing, the other competitors took a glance at what I was working on and began guessing who of them would win second place, till the day I don't know who of them won second place, but I was really happy to be awarded with a box of chocolates and a key chain after having my art teacher announce I had won the art competition. 
    I can't even remember a time when the teacher would ask who in my class was good at drawing and everyone wouldn't say my name to the teacher, nodding knowingly. I can't even remember a time when everyone would ask me to do their art work for them or asked me to help them. I can't remember a time when the teacher would give us a a group assignment where we had to draw something, and the blank page wouldn't be handed to me, followed by a pencil from the rest of the group. I really don't wish to remember times before I was considered the most talented artist amongst my classmates, but this label did get me stuck working on posters for three days, so as you can see, everything can backfire. 
    Tuesday was Spanish Exposition and Food Day at school. I had to take a bag extra to my school bag filled with different outfits and a notebook for my redaction class after school. It was heavy, but I managed. The day started with the Spanish Exposition, which was a series of videos created by my class after being divided in into four different groups. My group's came first and my goodness it sucked. Of course, this could not be complete without my ex-crush sitting next to me. Lets call him Phil. A thing about Phil is that there was never an actual reason why I stopped being all fangirly about him expect for the fact that I had a helpless crush on him for three years and decided to give up after that. I still find him hot and funny and he still sits next to me in our school bus, but I don't stare at him like a creep or even talk to him anymore. I still feel my heart racing whenever I see him or when he sits next to me on my suckish Spanish Exposition. 
    After two videos, Alex and I were allowed to leave and search for Mrs. Wanda. We entered the classroom where my sister's class was, most of her friends were practicing for Art Day which would be closed with a dancing competition where they would be dancing. They didn't suck, they were just not professional dancers, the boys at least. The girls sucked, they really did. We prepared the fliers for Food Day and then we got dressed tropically for Food Day and then we headed to Food Day.   
    I love Food Day. This is the day of the year when all of the grades in our school are given a set of countries from all over the world and we cook food typical from that country, then we sell and we buy food. This year, my class got Jamaica, Bahamas and Cuba, and our stand was beautiful and our food was delicious. I did not stand at the other side of the stand, I headed everywhere and ate a lot, while asking everyone to head to our stand, of course. When Food Day reaches it's end, one of the grades is awarded first place and another second, we got to third, and there is no third place in this mater. I am still outraged, our food and decoration was clearly better that England's. I killed myself drawing flowers onto our posters, and our mojitos were a success, England didn't deserve first place just because we didn't cover our hands to serve the food. Bullshit.
    That afternoon I left with my friend, Penny, and her mother. Here's another aspect of my life. Me and Penny signed up for a redaction course created by an editorial named after a bunny. I've been heading there every Tuesday for weeks now. I actually should be writing a short story right now. The only reason why I keep heading over there is not because I love spending time with Penny's parents, but because the teacher is awesome. He's this old bald man that makes the most funny jokes and when he laughs, his eyes disappear. Penny's parents are not going to take the course anymore because they are pastors and the teacher has made a couple drinking jokes and said the word "breasts" that class. 
    Wednesday was less extraordinary than the rest of the week. This day was little Food Day, but of course since it was so unexpected, I didn't actually bring money for it. It's kind of awesome that with only 15 cents on me, I was able to eat a 50 cents brownie and a one dollar cupcake. First, I asked Ms., lets call her Joan for 35 cents so I could buy a cookie, but there were no more cookies by the time I headed back to the cookie stand. I decided I wanted a brownie, but it looked so tiny that I decided to look for other options. I asked a woman holding a cupcake for the cupcake's price and she was like: "You want it? Here," and then I was holding a cupcake. I was like: "Wait, seriously?" and she was like: "Yeah". Turns out she was one of the little kid's parents and she had bought a bunch of her kid's sweets only because it was her kid who was selling it, she didn't actually want that cupcake. I bought the brownie and walked towards my friends. They looked at my cup cake and brownie in confusion since they surely remembered me asking all of them for money. As soon as I told them the cupcake story it was as if I was not holding it, but as if they had just found a free treat with no owner, so, as they closed in on me like hungry beasts, I ran away. 
    That afternoon, my friend, Tammy came over to my house. I already told you about my life as the "Artist of The Class", but let me tell you a bit about Tammy's life as an artist in our class. In my opinion, she is much better than me and she is way more focused. While I see drawing as a hobby, Tammy is really focused on it. She will be an artist when she grows up because she is great and I bet she wants to do it. The reason why my classmates don't chant her name first when the teacher asks who of us is good at drawing is probably because I came to our school first. It is probably selfish of me not to want her to take my throne of talent, but I guess I would be really hurt if she did. Tammy is basically better than me at everything and even if she is a lot better at drawing than me, I want to remain the one who is considered best. 
    A while back, we drew a wolf together for Sports Day because our class got the "Roma" soccer team this year and our mascot was a wolf. That day was fun because we all put diapers on, but that's another story. The wolf was beautiful, so we donated it to our art teacher who loved it. Now, for arts day, he asked us to draw something together again and we settled for a cat. He told us we would only get an hour to draw, so it would be better if we started before. 
    Tammy came to my house and we drew a cat. The next day, which was actual Arts Day, we sat and finished it. What a beautiful cat. As I said before, Tammy is truly better than me at many things and one of those things is being social. She has many friends from many grades, and this friends kept approaching us to praise her art skills. I don't mean to feel so bad about this, but I do. Not because she was being praised, but because I wasn't. I know it's awful. 
    The day before I found out she could actually talk to my ex-crush. She was all charming and he liked her. Then later on in Arts Day, I found out Penny and him shared a kind of friendship too. Enough of that, it's not even as dramatic as it felt.
     After the cat section of Arts Day, the singing began. Not to be mean, but my school sucks at singing, at least most of them. Even I had to go on stage and sign Bruno Mars' Count On Me with my friends and another grade. Kristen, the girl fully singing, didn't suck, but we, the chorus singers, did. For the rest of performers, their instrument playing was awesome and their voices continued to suck like the rest. In my opinions, there are only two girls in my school that can really sing. Camille has a beautiful voice and I always love to hear her sing. Emily, who is my friend John's sister is great as well. Emily sang last with her grade. A thing about Phil, my ex-crush is that he is graduating in two months along with Emily and her grade. He is only two years older than me, but he is very smart and skipped a grade which has turned him into this school year's graduating class. I guess I'm going to miss having him next to me in our trips from school to my house and vise-versa. What really sucks is that I've got an urge to hug him now, thinking about him leaving, but when he leaves I will probably pretend as if I don't care. I can't hug him, we don't even talk, and he doesn't even know he's my ex-crush. 
      Now, to conclude, it was finally Dance Competition time and that always sucks. I spent most of that time talking to John who is writing a series of books. His stories are awesome like a mixture of Harry Potter and The Hobbit but mostly different. I've been talking to him a lot lately and I've been getting irrational urges to kiss him. I guess I have a crush on him, which I've learned is worth nothing. I've had many crushed throughout my life, but I have never been kissed and I have never had a boyfriend, at least a real one. It's crazy, I'm fifteen. What's wrong with me?
    I like talking to John, but I don't think he finds out chats all that special. He, unlike me, has dated and has kissed before. Camille was his girlfriend a while back and she is crazy talented at singing and probably has an actual personality. I don't think there's much future for us. 
    This fun week full of fun and eventful days has reached it's end and now it's up to me to be eventful which sucks.  

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