This is the story of one year of my life


1. Prepared?

    Dear diary, I guess that's a good way to start.

    Let me tell you something about me. Since the moment I was born, I've had multiple sets of notebooks turned into what I would then call "my diary", but the thing about my set of diaries is that that the words filling them only go as far as ten pages, never more. I believe that this is something people do. My best friend suffers from the same problem, so that makes me think I'm really not the only one. My bestfriend is not like me in any way, and I guess that gives more sence to my idea. Because of contest purposes, I will have to rename my best friend. Let's go with Alex for no real reason. Alex and I have talked about this before and now I've come to the conclusion that most girls like the idea of keeping a diary because they've seen people is movies or series to it. An idea is not enough, it is the passion someone has towards an idea that pushes them to fill the notebook instead of ripping out ten pages and walk away.
    Now I suppose I will have to tell you about this contest. First let me give you some information that will help you understand my situation further. I am a writer. Simple. It's what I do and it's what I want to continue to do until the day I drop dead. Five or so years ago, when I learned that YouTube was not an awful site full of nasty videos that would ruin my life, I began signing up in various sites. Facebook, Polyvore, WeHeartIt, Wattpad, and even evil Youtube; they all became part of my life without my parent's permission, which was, in that time, very badass of me. 
    Something I always say is that One Direction inspired my love for reading. You see, when I was a bit younger, I was introduced to this British boyband of hotties with sexy accents, fancy clothes, and flawless hair and then I died only to rise again as someone different. It was like a zombie movie with less rotting skin, but just as much biting. I was now a Directioner, a crazy fan girl that would jump up and down while squeaking like a mad woman every time the science teacher would say "one direction". It was crazy. I was crazy. But let's look at the bright side, I know I got something good out of this even if the process was very creepy in my part. I discovered fan-fictions, I stared reading fan-fictions and I loved fan-fictions. It was because of this crazy fan-made fantasies that I discovered that books were not only words on white, they were much more. I am glad to say that a British boyband of hotties with sexy accents taught me this in the most indirect way possible. It's a good thing to remind my mom when she reminds me of the crazy days. 
    So, I signed up in Wattpad to read fan-fictions, and then I signed up in Movellas to read even more fan-fictions. Just recently I started getting emails that announce writing contests and, like I stated before, I am a writer. Now I am writing a diary and could win a diary, if I win. 
    I never know how diaries work. Am I even allowed to start an entry like I did? Or should I move on to what I've been up to lately even if that subject is never something worth anyone's time. Lately I've realized that I have not actually done much since the moment I was born, and for that I know I have not much to talk about. Normal people enjoy reading dramatic stories full of outgoing characters that live an adventure every chapter. That's not me. 
    I don't live a dramatic life full of adventures. I suck at adventures and at being dramatic. The biggest drama I have encountered in my days was a boy, lets call him Gus, who had a crush on me. I know, I live on the edge. Let's just say. If you are here to read a story about someone living a wild life with parties, boy problems, many sarcastic friends and social obligations, then you've come to the wrong place. I am not a typical story. I might end up staying home all day, reading and writing my time away. 
    I can see the way people look at me. To the world, if you don't say much then you have nothing to say, really. I am dismissed in the daily and to my classmates, I am boring. Are you up for this challenge? Do you want to look deeper, or will you just dismiss me like everyone else does? It's time to decide. What person do you want to be now? 

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