Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


10. 9. Michael

Was Luke ever lonely I wondered. It was Saturday. I went to a restaurant with Calum. We sat next to eachother cuddling and kissing. And somehow I felt strange. Being so happy whlie my father was so alone. It was his choice. He was still young and good looking. A lot of girls would love to date him. He jut didn't let anyone in. I smoehow liked it because I woudn't stand a stanger to pretend to be my mum and cmmande me around the house. But I guess everyone needs love including Luke.

But after all that happened I could understand that he was done with love forever. 

„Do you know that Fabi has a crush on you" Calum smiled.

„What, he hates me" 

„It's his way of showing he's intersted" 

„He's cute but he's not like you" I melted in his chocolate eyes

He smiled. 

„I just don't know how to tell him. He will acusse me of a lot of things"

„You don't need to. I don't care about him" I moved closer to Calum.

„I booked a studio for tomorrow. Would you like to record your song" he creased my hair.

„But" I blushed.

„Just try. If you won't like the result we will delete everything" 

„Ok, but wo will be there" I asked.

„Just me, and a old friend, a very talented songwriter and producer. He will help us" 

„But Luke won't find out" I got scared.

„No way" Calum smiled bright.

„ok" I cuddled into his neck.

I was excited. 


I came back form school, changed clothes and left the villa. I took the bus to the middle of the city to the studio where Calum was waiting for me. Luke was recording some vocals the whole morning so he got so lost in the music that he forgot my exsitance. I didn't need to worry about him till the late evening. 

An huor later I fund the big building of the studio. I went inside to the room where Calum was waiting for me. I knocked and he opened the door. 

„Hi love" I said wrapping my arms around his neck. 

I kissed him deeply. 

He hugged me tightly. We haven't seen eachother since supper last evening when Luke was very upset because some recording wasn't how he pictured it. Me and Calum barely spoke next to Luke. We also decided to avoid eye conntact. It was very hard to be so close to my lovely boyfriend while I couldn't tochu him. 

A scream made me and Calum jump from eachother. I turned my head aronud and to my horror I saw Michel. He was gosthly pale. 

„You... you... you..." he kept repeating one world.

„Calm down. I's ok" Calum tried to come to Michael but he jumped away.

„Luke" he looked at us as if we had lost our minds.

„Luke won't find out. Just calm down"

„But she's sixteen you... you... fucking teenage raper" screamed Michael.

„We never did it, and we won't don't worry" Calum spoke gently.

I flet a stone forming in my chest when I heard the last words.

„I love her. ok. I don't care how old she is" said Calum.

„Tara" Michel looked at me.

„I love him too uncle, please don't tell daddy" I made a puppy face.

„And I thought it was Ashton. How stupid am I" Michel sat on a chair.

„Uncle. Please" I came closer to Michel.

„That's the sickest relationship I ever..."

„My parents had me when they were sixteen" I put my hand on Michael's shoulder.

„Don't make Luke's mistakes" Michael looked at me.

„I'm far fom it" I assured him.

„And Calum, keep you dirty mind and hands away form her" Michael looked at Calum.

„Come on" Calum siged.

„So, let's recored the song" Michael looked like a old man.

„Thank you uncle" I smiled.

I went behind the studio glass and gave Calum a sweet look.

I wanted to kiss him more but it was better to not do it in front of Michael. I went to the microphone. Took my guitar, the one I got form Michael and felt panic. I played in fornt of Calum before. But Michael was different. They both waited.

„Take one" said Michael and I felt my fingers are shakeing to bad to play.

„Just do it Tara. Imageine that you're in the lake house" siad Calum "Look at me" he smiled.

Michael gave Calum a killer look when he mentioned the lake house.

„Cinema yes" he groaned.

I smiled to myself.

„Take two" muttred Michael.

I looked at Calum. I felt my cheeks are burning. I decided to forget Michael and play.

I started the song and somehow it worked like in the lake house. Actually i felt like this again.

I finished and turned to the men that were watching me through the glass.

Calum was smileing widely whlie Michael had another shock face.

„Ok record it two more times" he siad turning his microphone off.

I did it and Michael asked me to come and listen. I was scared to hear my voice on the record. 

I left the guitar in the room and went back to them. 

I stopped next to Calum and grabbed his hand.

„You never told me you're that good" said Michael.

„Luke's blood" smiled Calum.

„yes, how shouldn't I know" Michael was flustrated.

"We will need more instruments, and a few efects, but it's great" Michael turned the record on.

I was biteing my fingernials. But it was realy good. I just didn't like the fact that there was something in my singing voice thet remembered me of Luke. Was he everywhere in me. Couldn't I get rid of his genes.

„And how do you like it" Calum looked at me.

„It's good" I smiled.

„Sit down, we'll discuss the plan" siad Michael.

I sat on Calum's lap and playes with his hair.

Michael wasn't pleased but he left the comment for himself.

„I can hire musicans" said Michael.

„No, most of the professionals in Sydeny know Luke, we must do it" Calum protested.

„We can't record two albums at one time, and Luke knows the studio owner here as well" Michael was about to scream again.

"I can record the bass for her, she can play guitar, we'll get Ashton to do the drums. It can work. She can play piano too" Calum gave Michael the puppy look.

„But we need to tell Luke" Michael got up.

„no" we both screamed.

„Not about you guys, about her album" Michael shook his head.

„No, please I don't want him to know" I begged.

„He will find out anyway"

„Only if I'll suceed" I looked at Michael.

„I'll think about it. I'll let you know. And bring her straight to her house" Michael left the studio and slammed the door.

I looked at Calum.

„Will he" I asked

„No, he won't I know him. He needs time to handle it. You're his little Tara, it's hard for him" Calum smiled.

He kissed me sweetly.

I rested my head on his shoulder. If Michael, was so mad I could't imagine Luke finding out. 

„can we go for dinner before you drive me home" I ased kissing Calum's neck.

„Sure" he kissed my cheek and my lips.

We got up and left the studio. We went to a samll restaurant in this part of the city where we barely could be recognized. We ordered dinner and sat there looking at each other.

„Calum, the thing you told Michael" I felt starnge „About never doing this... you know what, with me. Why did you tell it" 

Calum smiled to himself.

„You mean sex" he rised his eybrows.

„Yes" I felt I'm blushing.

„I'm not stupid Tara. And I don't want to end up in jail eaither"

„But I love you" I felt like crying.

„I love you too, and I wouldn't hurt you. No, not untill you're eighteen" he looked at me and his smile faded.

„But it's two years" I flet so bad.

„It's my last word to this subject" Calum looked out of the window.

I was silent. I needed him so bad. I dreamed abot it. I imagined it every night. But i wan't sure if I'm ready to do it. But two years seemed like eternity. 

„Ok, but it will be on my eighteenth birthday. A present" I looked at him.

Calum smiled.

„You're very bossy, yes ok, deal" he shook my hand.

„Deal" I smiled bright.

I wll count days. Maybe it won't be so long.

The atmosphere of the dinner got beter after his promise. We loughed a lot and few hours later he drove me home. We kissed in the car and partened our ways in the huge hall. I went upstairs and somehow my steps guided me to the studio. I stopped at the door. It wasn't fully closed and I heard Luke's voice. I just stood there listening to the sad song my father was singing. There were so many questions in me. Why did you left me when my mum was sick, whe she died. Why you never cared. Heve you ever waned me in your life or am I just a burden you need to accept. A mistake how Michael called it today. 

„Tara" John noticed me trough the door. 

But before he oppened it I run to my room and locked the door.



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