An Emshee Kinda Diary


1. May 6th 2015

Dear Diary,

I can't believe that yesterday was my first physical fight it started out I my best friend Alice and I were playing football at church, little did I know that her twin was going take the ball from us and start a fight. She punched my bestfriend/her sister in the stomach and then it was world war 2 all over again and then I attempted to take the ball I was to small and fragile so was Alice.

It was a fight that ended in tears, Alice had gotten punched in the stomach twice by her own sister and practically gotten her hair ripped out, on the other hand I had gotten two very large bruises on both my knee caps, and Kelsey had left the fight without a scratch.

It was a very strange day that I wouldn't go back to ever again me and my best friend Alice didn't know what was to come the next day at school.

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