Dear Lucky

This is my diary that you guys can read. I will try to update everyday...


1. 7th May 2015

Dear Lucky, 

This is the first day I'm writing in here and wow, it's been an eventful day. Well, this morning, I went to school, because I had to. The sky outside was grey and I really couldn't be bothered. The only reason I wanted to go to school was because I would get to see my boyfriend. My boyfriend has only been my boyfriend for no longer than a week. Me and him had been best friends for a long time before that. It had been a great friendship, and I had thought it would be a great relationship. He had told me that he didn't want to tell anyone, that we had to keep our relationship secret, but obviously I went and told my best friend. He never found out that I told her because she's good at keeping secrets, much better than me. The sad news is that about an hour ago (around six pm), he finished with me. Just like that. Well, okay then. I feel like such a bad person now. I always seem to never be able to do anything right and here I am, writing a diary which is addressed to my cat, Lucky, when actually anyone could read it... Strange hey? 

Well see you later. 


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