Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


2. Chapter 2.


Toby dad picked me up from school to have some one on one with me he is like a dad to me he's been there for me since i was born. Sam took me to this ice cream place new in town which was very fun to get something that you don't have to pay for.


“Isabella are you okay?” Sam asked me taking a bite of his rocky road ice cream, and I looked down at my feet.


“I feel like i don't fit in uncle Sammy it just want to have a dad like Toby you actually watch out for him i would be grateful for a dad like you. My mom is a amazing mom thats a bonus but i don't feel like her kid we look nothing alike. Toby has a place to fit in he has tons of friends and i don't”


Sam looked at my face hard not blinking for a while then his eyes were about to water up but he held them in. Placing a hand on my mine and holding it lightly “Izzy there are things you should know but right now isn't the right time baby girl. But i’ll tell you this your dad loves you very much Izzy he just couldn’t stick around”



What is up with people now a days my mom says one day i don't have a dad and now i hear from Uncle Sammy says i do. Is he my dad or something no that can't be possible my dad is dead as my mom says he is. Im tired of people putting stuff in my head.


I went into my room sitting in the purple bean bag in the corner of my room throwing this small blue ball off the walls thinking. Singing ‘SHower’ by Becky G thinking of what to ask my mom if this comes up again she didn't know Uncle Sam and I talked the other day.


I like to sing because my aunt Alana likes to sing she used to sing to me as a baby but after awhile she just didn't come over anymore. It was so comforting to think of the good time before i thought i didn't fit in this world.


I got bored singing the same song over and over for the past hour it was time for dinner. First time in a week we had dinner as a family my mom has been busy for a few days am happy she had a day off.


“Hi sweetie im happy i get to spend a meal with my beautiful daughter” She says with a smile and take a seat in dining room


“Mom can i ask you something?” I ask getting a shocked response from my mom “Yes sweetie what is it”


“Are you my real mom and is my dad alive or dead as you say……..I wanna know i just wanna see a picture of him or something.People make fun of me they think I’m crazy mom…” I say looking my mom right in the eyes not regerting a word i say to her


“Why do you ask that? i am your mom Isabella…..your dad is dead like i said don't question me again Isabella Alana Robinson”


“Why are you so stubborn mom? I wanna know the truth Uncle Sammy said he was alive and well”


I held back the tears getting up from the table banging my fist in the table making my mom flinch and my mom was about to say something. She looked scared and i ran up to my room locking the door crying to myself. There was this knock at my window who is it i thought walking to it seeing Toby crying also.


I let him in laying on my bed crying and he hugged me “Toby why are you crying?”


“My parents got in another fight leaving my dad going to the guest house out back”


We layed in my bed cuddled up and I fell asleep on Toby hearing him say something “Goodnight Izzy love you”


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