Back in Time

Rosalie, Hermione and Madelyn Granger all get sent back to the Marauders era. After meeting the younger versions of the marauders what will they think......


2. Meeting the marauders

" 'Mione, Maddie, Rosa! Wait!" Harry yelled searching for us.

"Ahhh!" Mione screamed.

"Mione!" I yelled I ran through the forest searching for my sister.

"Caught you all I see." A masked death eater. They grabbed Harry and Ron. I moved closer to them bringing out my wand. One pulled off their mask. Bellatrix. She killed Sirius!

"One more step and Potter gets it!" She cackled. I yelled the first spell that came into my mind.

"Avada Kadavra!" I screamed. It went black.

"Rosalie!!" I heard Harry scream.


I awoke to a bright light shining in my face. I jolted up.

"Maddie! Mione!" I yelled.

"We're fine sis." They both grumbled. A boy who looked no older than 11 walked through with three other boys.

"H..Harry?" I spoke softly staring at him.

"Who's Harry? I'm James." He said offering a hand. I shook it.

"S...Sirius, R..Remus. Peter." Mione, Maddie and I spat out Peter's name like dirt.

"Do we know you?" They asked.

"Y..." Mione started but Maddie quickly saved us.

"No you don't." I smiled at her.

"Mum they're awake!" James Yelled. A middle-aged woman came over with two children.

"Hello dears I'm Dorea. This is Jasmine and this is Katelyn." Katelyn and Jasmine grabbed us by the arms.


"Okay I'm Jasmine Dorea Angel Potter and I'm going into my 1st year. You can call me Jas or Jazzy." She said

"I'm Katelyn Ambrose Olivia Lupin. I'm in the same year as Jas. You can call me Kat or Kate." she said shyly.

"Nice to meet you." Maddie said.



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