The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


16. May 20 2015

Todayyyyy I had a fight with Jenice because she did something to Kylie that is a crime. If you can understand this we can totally be friends. She took away my music. THAT IS A REASON FOR DEATH IN MY COUNTRY. I haven't really talked all day so my craziness is coming out right now. 

So I didn't talk to her on the ride home on the bus and I'm pretty sure she knows the consequences of taking my music away when I desperately need it. So I held a grudge for a whole 15 minutes and didn't talk to her. I can't hold grudges on certain people actually so that might be really confusing .

Then nothing happened, I just came home and pretended like I didn't hear any body over the sound of Luke Korns and Christopher Oflyng, I just discovered their randomness yesterday. Them being hot is a bonus because Chris has basically the same personality has me but I most often act like Luke.

There's nothing else to say so write tomorrow. 

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