Hannah teen mom and niall lost sister

Hannah is pregnant with twins and she need her brother to help her out with her pregnant thing and stuff like that


1. chapter 1

April 02,2011
5:00 am
Hannah prove 
I did wake up and got dress and make me something to eat and I did ran to the bathroom and got sick. I did take me a pregnant test. I did walk out and my breakfast was done and I did got it and seat at the table and do my homework and music and book. I did put away my dishes and seat on the couch and open the folder the doctor who did give to me. I did look at it oh my my gosh my brother is Niall Horan. I did got my phone and text him. The test did beep and I did go check it and Yelp be I am pregnant with Matt babies. I did seat down and the door open it was Niall he did seat next to me. I did give him the folder. He did read and hug me and kiss me. I miss you and I love you a lot. Tell me about you? He did ask me I did tell him everything. He did gasp and he did touch my tommy. Hey guys this is your uncle Niall and I do love you a lot. Do you know a song call I know you was trouble. I said to him yeah I do Taylor did wrote the song about him. He said to me well I did help Taylor with the song and she is my friend. He did got mad and leave. I did wash some tv and go to bed


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