TITLE IN PROGRESS [WARNING: references to suicide, self harm, bullying etc.]


2. Chapter 1

I can't do this anymore.

I have to get away- I have to flee. I can't stay here. For all I know they could have already sent an ambulance over. Heck, they could be outside my door right now. I chug the pills down. I gasp for air as I hurry out of the house, fiddling desperately with the latch, clamouring for breath. The bridge is two minutes away, but with sprinting I cut the journey time down by half. A dull ache is seeping through my head, and I know from experience that from here the pain will only worsen. 

I lean against the bridge. I want to die. Once the drugs numb my limbs I will fling myself in. Nobody will notice; this part of the city has far too many busy citizens. 

Clouds loom over the atmosphere, casting shadows over the scene. The facial features of passer-bys merge into hazy shapes as the drowsy effects of the drugs kick in. My vision clouds. I struggle to maintain consciousness, toppling over as I sway about the bridge for support.

I feel frail and weak. A gush of wind comes down on me, forcing my hand over the rails. I topple over, and before I know it am dangling over the rough, murky seas below. The waves lap and crash against the bridge, causing me to scream every time the water hits me. One last slip, and I release my grip.

I don't deserve to live. I don't want to live. I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be alive.

My body feels like lead, yet it still insists on rising to the surface. I counter nature. I inhale a mouthful of water. My lungs burn, but I force myself to stay below the water. My body becomes heavier, and begins to sink. Black spots intervene with my vision. I feel myself slipping away.

I want my last seconds on earth to be painful.  Very painful.

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