The Rant Book

I ask a lot of rhetorical questions.


1. Envy

I envy a lot of things. For example, I envy birds. Ridiculous right?

But it's not that I envy some for their beauty, no, it's nothing like that. In fact, I envy them because they're free.

They're free to roam wherever they'd like to go. But, I also envy them for their seeming careless attitude. They don't seem to give a single fuck. And I'd love to be like that.

Not only am I jealous of birds, but I'm jealous of dead people. I actually have a quite a few reasons for that. 

One; because they get to see what the afterlife is like, whether it's beautiful or completely miserable. Actually, I'd like for the afterlife to be miserable for me, weird right?

I just think I deserve it, and don't you telling me otherwise in those freaking comments. I know I'm worthless. You don't even know me, dammit!

*insert loud sigh* Anyway, I also envy them because they don't really have to wonder what they're going to do with their pathetic life anymore. They don't have to worry about which college to go to, or their terrible fucking grades. They don't have to worry about their parents pressuring them to do stuff they can't. 

I just envy so many things, it's starting to become pathetic. 

I also envy people who have friends, for I have none. I lost my friends one by one. I just watched them leave me with a smile on my face, knowing that they couldn't stand me anymore. I just want one fucking friend that cares! Is that too much to ask for?

These chapters are going to be kind of short, considering that I know no one likes to read rants. Also, I apologize for never updating Texting or Deranged. It's just that my laptop crashed and I have to use this crappy laptop. 

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