True Me The Diary

It's important to be who you really are. This diary won't just be some book that I just toss around ideas to fill; this book will be the ideas.
I will write up to 3 chapters a day if possible; I've never had a diary so this will take getting used to.


1. Deep in Thought

Like any other day, I can't stop thinking. I don't feel at home in this area no matter how hard I try; it's only like putting on a fake smile while everything isn't really okay. All I seem to hear about around me is bad words as if words were anything else but words. The world seems so small to me, everything is there and some of it is just out of reach; I can see it but never really truly experience it... I guess I'm referring to all the games I see and hear about; I'm not afraid to admit that I love any games with a great story. I just lose myself in a world of excitement and endless possibilities; it's where I just know I can be myself. I just want to know the truth, and the reason why certain games are made. The questions I could chose to ask, there are several I have but none seem to come to mind now... Where: Where is the true me?
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