Dear die-ary... I feel bored

Aaas you might have guessed from the title, I'm into comics, and I would call myself a bit of an otaku as well (anime/manga nerd). I don't really have that much to say about myself, so read along if you dare enter my twisted mind!


1. Usual boredom and finals

Dear die-ary, today I went to school and, well, did school stuff. We had math finals and I think I did well. At least well enough to get into the gymnasium. I did'nt really Care all that much while I were there, really, people are born to die. You could say they are dying from the moment they are born. Me included. While I walked home it began to rain, but I did'nt cover myself. It felt nice and cold for a change, not the hot tiny room I were in the whole one hour the final lasted. When I got there (home) I immediatly began watching invader Zim and other stuff. I use most of my time on youtube, or other online sites for videos or manga. Then mom came home, and I had to go buy stuff for dinner (tuesday is my food-making-day). I found this amazing old comic called 'Johnny the homocidal maniac' and searched for it the whole afternoon (I got inspired to write this dumb diary from it). It's about a Serial killer with no limit to what he can do, he tortures, kills, massacres ASO. May not sound so deep, but there is a few quotes along in the story that blows my mind. Take this for example: 'the world would be a much nicer place if people only used guns on themselves'. Well, tomorrow I got Danish exam, so bye (as if anyone ever read this, anyway).

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