Dear die-ary... I feel bored

Aaas you might have guessed from the title, I'm into comics, and I would call myself a bit of an otaku as well (anime/manga nerd). I don't really have that much to say about myself, so read along if you dare enter my twisted mind!


7. someone I should know

Today I had to go through the struggle of normal school. It was horrible. Mostly because of the recess where my seat was taken by one of the popular ones, so I had to sit at another table with ny iPad out of reach. Then the damn girl turned on her shitty music. All of it some stupid, idiotic, vulgar lovesongs by artists I have never heard of (but everyone else has apparently). I would much rather listen to my rock, get some good three days grace, digital daggers or dizzy mizz lizzy playing. But I do not have a say in class. When I walked home I saw someone I guess I should know, but can't remember.

Later I walked the dog (the good one), and for some time to think. I thought a bit about why I hate that damn music so much, and came to the conclusion that it is just plain stupid. It hits directly in the feelings of dumb Young girls looking for their dreamguy. Those girls that Walk around looking like someone they are not.

That is one of the reasons I have decided to let things happen, instead of pushing it. It is just plain annoying. I don't wear any make-up either, because I don't really Care what the others think. If I show them something I am not, and then show them me, what will they think? But, heh, I am not myself at school anyway. At home I have grown up just fine, but lately my family have been calling me stuff like 'neanderthal', 'stupid' and 'witch'. It hurt a bit in the start, but I decided to ignore it. As well as I started ignoring my chores along with it. And at school, I ignore the others likewise.

I am not always an honest person, but I will not tolerate me Lying to myself. If you cannot take a look at yourself, thinking 'This is me', then you have a problem. And it is not your looks. I look somewhat like a troll, but when I look in the mirror I see me, not someone I want to be or try to be. If I have to find a special someone, that person will have to accept ME, not someone else I pretend to be. But many people have said this before, trust me, I know I am just repeating what you already have been told, but it does'nt make it less true. Often the most true words are spoken by many mouths.

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