Dear die-ary... I feel bored

Aaas you might have guessed from the title, I'm into comics, and I would call myself a bit of an otaku as well (anime/manga nerd). I don't really have that much to say about myself, so read along if you dare enter my twisted mind!


11. change of pace

Today was rather slow. We had this day off at school, I forgot to send the outline for my english exam and I have been shopping for groceries since I ate the last egg for breakfeast. I have been watching a movie for some time now, and I have come to the conclusion that I want to be healthier. From this day forward I will write every excess food, snack or whatever I have eaten. I will force myself to run tomorrow, see if I can get through it without throwing up. Why all of a sudden? I have grown tired with myself, I need a change of pace, and not slower. I want to start over when I get to the gymnasium, I want to gain friends and be able to join social activities (and not puke every sports day). I feel like I am going to fourth it though, as I've done before, but I will try my utmost to stay in Line this time. If i cannot run, I'll Walk the rest of the way. It doesn't matter how fast I get there, I do not Care if I am slow, if it will tale hours (of course I Care a little bit) I am just going to do it for the sale of doing it! I will try and lengthen my lifespan if I can, I do not want to end up an ugly fat lady with a lot of cats. But if I keep sitting on my butt, nothing is happening. Same goes for many others. Join me in my try to go out and do something!!! (Or keep on Reading stuff on your pc, Mac, iPad or iPhone)

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