Dear die-ary... I feel bored

Aaas you might have guessed from the title, I'm into comics, and I would call myself a bit of an otaku as well (anime/manga nerd). I don't really have that much to say about myself, so read along if you dare enter my twisted mind!


3. Another day like the others

Aaand we're done with Danish and math for now. I've listened to 'five hours' all day. I saved another snail. Nothing big has happened, at least not yet, you never know. I plan on watching anime after I've written this and played a bit more brave trials. Maybe I should go check my dragonvale as well. As you might have noticed, I am not a very interesting person. I Walk around being depressed, say nothing to others and pretty much lives within my iPad. But many people need a life, not just me. I know a lot of people are out there not doing anything for society, just like me. They just can't see it, they are blinded by the 'I fell so bad for me I am going to cry myself to sleep' all the time. I hate people. I hate myself, and I hate this meaningless life of mine. Then again, if I need a purpose, I must go out there and make it myself.

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