Dear die-ary... I feel bored

Aaas you might have guessed from the title, I'm into comics, and I would call myself a bit of an otaku as well (anime/manga nerd). I don't really have that much to say about myself, so read along if you dare enter my twisted mind!


6. 10th of May, like any other day

Today I am in a rather lazy mood. I woke up early only to snooze longer. I started rewatching Beelzebub yesterday, and I have watched a lot of episodes today too. It is an anime about a delinquint that becomes responsible for taking Care of the future demon lord. May sound wacky (btw. If Nny from you know what was Real, NEVER EVER Call him wacky) but it is really funny. I read most of the manga too, but it got boring when the plot was recycled. I feel like I haven't accomplished anything in life, which I, by the way, haven't. I wonder if I will in the future, though I can't picture anything right away when I think about it. I think maybe I'll write a bit on my story. The one called 'game of Phoenix', because I had a great inspiration dream this night.

I have just walked one of our dogs, and I had quite the thought spin while doing so. I realized that dogs and humans are very alike. Whenever I say my dog is free to explore, she is still on a leash, and I can pull her back at any moment. This is because she is unpredictable, like many humans are. I can say she is free while she is not, and she won't know the difference anyway. Although I Walk the dogs, I do not really like them. The way they do everything to please my family, jump at strangers, stupidily are happy all the time... I like cats better. And you can hate me for it if you're a dog person, but honestly, I don't care. I have come to the conclusion, that People's words cannot hurt me. It is myself that hurts me when I hear those words, and I decided long ago to ignore the little voice in my head telling me to give in. Think whatever you want, I am not going to post stuff online telling people to feel sorry for me, because they should'nt. I despise people who are such attentionwhores they will cut up their arms and legs to see if people care. Then again I understand perfectly well why they do so. They feel inferior, nonimportant and useless. That is why I despise myself, because I am no different from those people. Heck, when I walked my dog I did not see wrecked homes, homeless people or starving animals. What did I see? I saw shining expensive cars, big houses with huge gardens filled with flowers, a waterstream with little ducks and pigeons and whatever you find at such places. It makes me feel even more sick that I have such a perfect life, because it ruins my reasons for feeling sorry for myself. Therefore, I am in a weird state. I am not depressed, nor am I happy or sad, joyful or angry. I feel... Sometimes I fell emotionless.

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