My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


32. 5th August

So 15 more days till results day, argh! Oh my gosh, I am so scared. Well, on the brighter side, maybe tomorrow, I will finally go somewhere fun in my holidays. My dad said, we are either going to Chessington or Legoland tomorrow, yes! I have been waiting, for a day, to go somewhere fun. Maybe, it will distract me from results day.

I have so much summer homework for AS level, which I will probably only do after results day.

1) Go to a court, and watch a court processing, and answer the questions on sheet

2) Buy equipment needed: includes an English novel, four folders, ring binders, pencil case, pens, pencil, lined paper for English

3) Do Media homework which is on the internet, about a scene in women in black

4) So much English homework includes, answering four questions which I have to write two pages each for.

5) Do my homework for Government and Politics homework which is a glossary which is four pages


If you were wondering, here are my options I picked for AS level (Year twelve)

-English Literature and Language

- Government and Politics

- Media

- Law


Though, probably in year thirteen, if I had to drop a subject, it would most likely be media. Hopefully, I get good GCSE grades, good AS and A levels grade, and, hopefully, get into a good university to study Law.

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