My Imperfect Life

Dear Diary


30. 27th July

It's been six days, since my last entry, and those six days, have been a time for reflection and thinking for me.

Recently, I was reading the daily mail, and I read about a seven-year-old boy who had died in a building, construction site. He had been let by his parents, to go to the park, which was two miles away, and when coming back, from the park, he was walking home alone. That was when he was last seen, he died hours later, from a pipe. They believe, he had been stuck in a pipe, and his family spoke, about how, he used to play on the building site. All I  could think was, sadness for the family of the boy, rest in peace little one. But, another thing, I couldn't help wondering, was why, the parents of a seven-year-old boy, would let their boy stay, till eight o'clock at the park. Not to mention, the fact, that he was only seven, and there were no adults there. I can understand, how the parents may not have worried about it. But, what they don't know, is how dangerous this world is. The boy's death may,have been accidental, but the fact, that the parents, let a young seven-year-old boy, out by himself, with no adult supervision, speaks for itself. 


There was another case, I was reading, about a young woman, couldn't be older than her mid-twenties, and she died. Yes, I read a lot of news, and they do consist of death. But, that is because there are a lot of death and, bad news in the papers. Back to the young woman, she died after a long battle of anorexia, she was under five stone when, she died. Eating disorder, anorexia is such a big issue nowadays and, is becoming even more common. Especially in young people, who look at themselves in the mirrors, and hate the way they look. They look past their beauty and, find the flaws in themselves.

The media has such a big part in this when, we look at celebrities, such as Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, What do we see? We see gorgeous, talented, celebrities who are thin, and beautiful. They aren't fat, they don't have spots, so they must not have flaws. But, everyone has flaws, but the media makes, them perfect. This makes teens, like me, who may hate the way we look and, comparing ourselves to them. But, what they don't know, is that they are beautiful, simply being themselves.

Maybe you might be slightly large, but that doesn't make you, any less gorgeous, then the thin girl beside you. Or, maybe the boy with acne, may seem himself ugly, when he sees, the strong flawless guys in his school, and hates himself. God made us this way, we may not know why? But, he did. A flaw in one person is, the very thing, that makes them unique, and beautiful. Maybe, you might hate, the way, your teeth look, but another guy, might see, your teeth as being beautiful.

Beauty isn't just a word, it's the way we must see ourselves. Perfection isn't a state, where we look gorgeous, but, it is a feeling, that we feel, we may never match up. We are all beautiful, just the way we are. Love yourself, you are gorgeous, just the way you are don't change it. I know, it's easier to say, that word, but you shouldn't, compare your beauty to others. We are all God's children, and he made us, beautiful and unique, in our own ways.


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