The Good

Jason Todd is the one and only Red Hood. He's smart, handsome, and of course, a tad bit insane. He knew that he'd always be a lonely, single, psycho, and he was totally okay with that. Then, Jason meets Shadow, a mysterious, sassy, sarcastic, hot head who hasn't been caught by any superhero or cop, and that's a very hard thing to do, with everyone in the Bat Family being on patrol on different times. Jason is suddenly having second thoughts about being lonely. [Told in Jason and Shadow's POV}


1. Shadow



Look, I was totally okay with being a loner. I didn't need a girlfriend, I didn't need Dick, or Damian, or even Tim, and I certainly didn't need Bruce. 

I was totally cool with being a psycho. I didn't need a therapist. I didn't need love. I didn't need anything but myself. And that didn't bother me. 

That was, until I met Shadow. 

It was cold, that night. 

I sat on my bike after a huge fight with Tim. I didn't really like fighting with him, sense we both share an angry bond with Damian, but technically he started it. 

[The Fight] 

"Jason! What did you do to my computer!?" Tim shouted over the phone. 

"Dude, I haven't been at the Mansion ever since you guys forced me to go for Christmas, how would I be able hack your computer?" I asked, "And besides, I wouldn't wanna touch it anyway." 

"Oh really?!" Tim shouted once again. 

"Yeah, really!" I was getting mad. Every time something happens, everyone acts like it was my fault, and I don't even hang around the stupid Batcave! 

Like geez, a little common sense would be nice! 

"How do I know you don't sneak in while I'm sleeping?" Tim asked, "You know, with you being lonely and all." 

By then, I wanted to run that kid over. 

"I wouldn't have gone back to that place is Bruce was dying," I replied, which was a total lie, but I didn't admit to that. 

"Yeah, okay. Whatever, but DON'T TOUCH MY COMPUTER EVER AGAIN." Tim once again shouted. 

My temper erupted. 


[Fight Ended] 

There I was, sitting on my bike, when I heard screeching tires. Normally, I'd figure that it was just Bruce chasing Joker or something and I'd move on, but something was different about the way the tired sounded. 

Now I don't know if it was rolling with Bruce as Robin, or just knowing how things sound in this city, but I knew that those weren't Bruce's wheels. 

It was someone else. 

I shrugged. 

I guess I'll check it out, I thought, maybe it's Blackie. 

I started my bike and headed off to where I heard the screech. 

I never made it there. 

Another bike raced past the alley where I was camping out. I knew that was the bike that I just heard. I also knew it wasn't Black Mask. I followed it anyway.  

Whoever rode the bike were very experienced, I'll give them that. 

The driver rode like nobody's business. 

I chased it all the way to the bank, but the driver must have seen me a long time ago, because it pressed something on the bike and jumped onto the bank and started running on the roof. 

I followed his/her suite. 

The person ran, hopping to different roofs and all, like I did when Dick and Bruce chased me. 

When I finally caught up enough to catch the person, I jumped. 

The person flipped backward and kicked my helmet and stopped running. 

I fell backward and said "Ow."

The person started laughing. 

"I'm sorry!" A female voice said, "I thought you were Black Mask!" 

She was wearing a biker outfit, kind of like mine, but everything was either gray or black. No brown. 

"How do you mix red with black!?" I asked. 

She stopped laughing and started getting sassy. 

"First of all, it's dark out. Second of all, I don't pay attention to no stupid colors. Third of all, maybe you should've been minding your own business instead of following me, you stalker." 

I raised my hands in surrender. 

"Well excuse me for being curious." 

"Curiosity killed the cat," She replied. 

"Cats have nine lives."

She stared at me and I thought she was going to murder me. 

"Touché," was all she said. 

Police sirens blared throughout the city and the girl turned to look, but I didn't. 

I was a little busy looking at her face. 

Even though she had a mask on, I knew that she had to have beautiful eyes. Her french braided hair was dirty blonde, and she had full, pale, pink lips. Like a pink rose, almost. 

She turned back to me and I looked away and cleared my throat. 

"So, I uh, assume you have a name?" She asked. 

I smirked. 

"Red Hood," I said, "You?" 

She smiled and right then my throat constricted. She was absolutely beautiful. 


Right at that moment, my 2nd life began to be something more than just a 2nd life. 

It almost seemed like a second chance. A second chance to change the way I was. 

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