The Good

Jason Todd is the one and only Red Hood. He's smart, handsome, and of course, a tad bit insane. He knew that he'd always be a lonely, single, psycho, and he was totally okay with that. Then, Jason meets Shadow, a mysterious, sassy, sarcastic, hot head who hasn't been caught by any superhero or cop, and that's a very hard thing to do, with everyone in the Bat Family being on patrol on different times. Jason is suddenly having second thoughts about being lonely. [Told in Jason and Shadow's POV}


2. Red Hood



I knew he was looking at me. I really didn't care, though. A lot of guys used to check me out all the time, so what he was doing, wasn't new at all. 

Whoever he was, he was really fit, and I knew that his face had to be good looking too.

"So, why are you running from Black Mask?" Red Hood asked. I shrugged. 

"I hate his guts?" I replied. 

He folded his arms over his chest, clearly not buying my lie.

 I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay, okay, so I sorta kinda blew up his biggest shipments in the history of Blackie's Shipments. So, Blackie sent his entire field after me," I confessed. 

He dropped his arms. 

"That was you!?" he asked.

Oh, so he knew about that?

 I nodded. 

"I thought it was a great accomplishment. That is until, Blackie started paying all my accomplices to snitch on me." 

"Ouch," He replied. 

I nodded again. 

"Especially when those accomplices were SUPPOSED to be your family, but you know what they say. 'Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.'" 

Red nodded. 

"That is a very true statement," he said. 

"So what about you?" I asked. 

"What, you wanna know why I followed you? I told you I was curious." 

I crossed my arms.

"And I'm supposed to believe you?" I asked. 

"Fine. I thought you were Black Mask. Geez."

Red thought for a second, before saying "We're hunting the same person." 

I rolled my eyes. 

"Well Holmes, how long did it take for you to figure that one out?" I replied sarcastically. 

He glared at me. 

"You wanna work together?" He asked. 

I wasn't expecting that at all. 

Nobody ever asked me to work with them. 

Help them with a favor, work for them, but never WORK with them. 

All well, I thought, It's not like he's as crazy as I am. 

"Sure." I said. 

I had no idea how that one word could start something entirely new. But I'm glad I said it. 

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